Power VC add-on WordPress Plugin

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Introduction Of Power VC add-on Calendar

Power Addon is one most powerful extensions for Visual Composer plug-in with more than 160 shortcodes and additions which can be used easily in any theme. You can build and customize your pages with several available options such as color, border, background, Google font and etc.

How to Install Plugin

If you’ve downloaded Power VC add-on plugin package, unzip it. There you will find the plugin installation file , user manual, license folder, etc.

When you are ready to install a plugin, you must first upload the plugin files and then activate the plugin. For this purpose, unzip the file that you downloaded from codcanyon and there you would find plugin file (power-vc-addon.zip) and upload it via wordpress installer.

Buy Process

By using this element, you can implement buying process step by step beautifully in a separate page on your site.

Our Process

Setup Tags

Our process displays the processes beautifully. Besides, it has more popularity compared to buy process. Although you can use it for buy process element, you can also use it for other processes on your site.

Webnus Titles And Divider

The Titles and Divider is used when you want to divide a part of a page using one element.

Webnus Ministry

This provides a beautiful element for users, so when they require, they can display a person with an image and a text on the site.

Our Team

If you have a team of people who you want to introduce them beautifully on your site, you can use Our Team element which is available in different types.

Pricing Plan

You can use this element if you have packages with different features that you need to display them on your site or on a separate page.

Pricing Table

One of the most required features, which most of the sites need to have to display packages, is the Pricing Table feature.


Subscribe, is an element with different types, which is on the sites to receive emails from users.

Testimonail Carousel

This element shows the users testimonials and comments on your site in a very beautiful way.

Latest From Blogs

By using this element, you can display the latest blog posts on the site or on a separate page. Latest from Blog includes 17 different types to be utilized on the site.


Testimonial is an element to show the users testimonials and comments.

Our clients

You can use this element to introduce your customers on the site or on a separate page.