8 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

In this article we are going to talk about 8 ways that will help you to boost your email marketing ROI (return on investment) and optimizing your email campaigns.

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Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

Do you feel like your email marketing campaigns can get better? We bet you do because there is always room for improvement, especially in the field with so much engagement potential.

A report shows that typical businesses earn $38 for every dollar invested in email campaigns, but 18% of top-performers go as high as $70. Can you achieve the same level of productivity?

The answer is positive, but you do need to craft a great strategy in order to boost your email marketing ROI in 2020 and beyond. We will help you with that by explaining eight ways to improve the results of your email marketing campaigns.

Grow a Healthy Subscriber List

The first rule of email marketing is to build and grow a solid list of subscribers who really represent your verified leads.

However, before that, you will need to choose the best email marketing tools for the job!

If you are using WordPress, then you will need email marketing plugins for WordPress then.

The list must be packed with healthy connections that have the genuine potential to become your full-time customers.

Jake Gardner, a digital marketer at essay writing services UK, says it all begins with simple sign-up forms: “After that, you need to keep an eye on subscribers’ behavior and inspect the list periodically to remove contacts that do not show any engagement potential.”

The goal is to build healthy relationships with your subscribers and maximize ROI through users who are indeed interested in your content. This principle also has a lot in common with the next tip on our list.

Boost Deliverability

A list of highly engaged subscribers, coupled with an efficient cloud-based email delivery service, will help you to boost email deliverability. It is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. Although it sounds completely natural, the truth is that many messages end up in recipients’ spam folders.

There is no easy way to increase deliverability, so you’ll have to think long-term and convince receivers that your messages are not spammy.

Apart from building a good subscriber list, you need to send attractive and relevant content consistently. Additionally, do not forget to add the unsubscribe button to your emails – it allows disinterested users to leave the group, which means they won’t get angry and report your domain as spam.

Use a Reliable Emailing Platform

No one can expect to improve email marketing ROI manually, particularly if they interact with thousands of subscribers.

You ought to automate most of the work using a reliable emailing platform.

These tools come in many different forms – from amateur to pro – but the average business should look for a platform that offers the following functions:

  • Automation features for triggered messages and instant replies
  • Mobile-friendliness to indulge the booming cohort of smartphone users
  • Professional email templates with customization abilities
  • Data analytics for campaign evaluations and reporting

Segment the Audience

Do you know that marketers see a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns? The power of segmentation is huge as the whole process forces you to tailor the approach and treat each subscriber group differently.

For example, you can create specific audience groups based on personal interests or location. Another alternative is to act based on users’ positions within the sales funnel.

This is what most marketers do because customers in the early stages of the shopping journey are looking for educational content, while others want you to offer concrete solutions and highlight the corresponding products or services.

Write Attractive Email Copies

This goes without saying, but poorly-written email messages can only get you so far in an attempt to boost ROI.

One thing you can consider is using a reliable cold email generator to ensure more effective and impactful outreach.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to master the art of email copywriting.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Come up with short but catchy subject lines
  • Write informative copies using actionable phrases and simple instructions
  • Always add one CTA per email because it gives subscribers a clear idea on what to do upon reading

Mind the Timing

If you think that timing is irrelevant in email marketing, you are seriously undermining the potential of your campaigns.

Numerous studies tried to figure out the perfect timing for sending newsletters and it turned out that users are most likely to read emails on Tuesday around 9 AM.

But do not take things for granted.

Your audience may behave differently and expect you to send emails some other time. For instance, younger users will probably check emails in the evening. You must think about it before choosing the right time to send email newsletters.

To make sure you are following all your plans and have not forgotten about an important campaign and the right time, make sure to use one of the calendars for effective strategy building and scheduling events.

The one I can personally recommend is Modern Events Calendar. It gathered all the features of event calendars you may need with the advanced booking system and lots other useful options which you will definitely appreciate!

Major Features are: reporting dashboard, auto update, custom sidebar, booking system, weather module, google calendar integration, etc.

Conduct A/B Tests

A/B testing is one of the surefire ways to improve your emails and make them more productive in the long run.

The idea behind A/B testing is to identify top-performing features that work best for your target audience.

You should check all of the major email components:

  • Subject lines: By length and style
  • Copies: By length and content type
  • CTA: Links vs buttons
  • Timing: Best day/time to send a newsletter

Track Email Marketing Performance

Besides testing, you should also analyze the performance of email marketing campaigns to see what works and what needs to be removed.

Every emailing platform will give you a whole set of data analytics features and help you keep an eye on the following results:

  • Open rates per email type
  • Click-through rates for every CTA
  • Conversion rates to see how many subscribers actually do as suggested
  • Sharing rate to figure out the percentage of users who spread the word about your business
  • Revenue per email to learn how a specific message is performing
  • The total ROI to see how much you really make from email marketing campaigns

Up to You!

Email marketing gives you all the features a business may need to attract and convert verified leads, but you still have to come up with a feasible strategy and prepare content that works for your target audience.

In this post, we showed you eight ways to boost your email marketing ROI.

Do you have what it takes to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns?


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