Content Marketing as an Important Component of Business Promotion: Main Opportunities and Effective Strategies

Every year, more and more Internet users do billions of searches a day and expect useful and clear information, not advertisements and promotional texts for business promotion.

At this stage of the development of society and marketing in it, it has become much more challenging to attract the consumer's attention.

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Success in the fight for the attention of potential clients can be achieved only by a company that can quickly adapt to trends, and changes in consumer preferences and interests, as well as create unique, attractive, and relevant information.

Experienced marketers can differentiate themselves in a crowded market to create a competitive advantage and a niche for their brand.

So, ordinary, not unique texts and banners are replaced by quality content that has value for the user and strengthens the position of the companies that publish it.


Content Marketing for Business Promotion and The Main Advantages of Using It

Content marketing is a specific marketing approach that involves the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and comprehensive content to attract and retain a specific audience, as well as incentivize customers to take profitable actions.

This definition applies to all avenues in which content is delivered, both traditional and digital. This includes print magazines, booklets, promotional materials, the company's social media space, website, campaigns, competitions, and blogs.

How this information is distributed is also important.

The principle of content marketing is determined by the fact that instead of offering your services, you should provide relevant content for potential consumers and generate demand.

It is used by a variety of famous companies in the world, including P&G, Microsoft, etc. It is also developed and implemented by small companies around the world.

The international agency Econsultancy conducted a study among 1000 specialists in the field of content marketing to define the main goals of this marketing technology.

The basic goal is audience engagement (52%). The second most popular goal is to attract traffic to the company's website (42%). Informing users about the company and brand is in third place.

Other important goals of content marketing include selling goods and services, optimizing search and link building, forming the brand's image, and achieving the status of experts in the field.

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The main advantages of using content marketing include the following:

  • Establishing feedback, monitoring consumer preferences, managing loyalty;
  • Creation of a new marketing channel that will be integrated with other traditional channels in the marketing strategy;
  • Cost savings, as content marketing is a low-cost means of promotion. Establishing connections, finding suppliers or employees using social networks (for example, LinkedIn);
  • With the help of this tool, it is possible to establish the presence of the company's brand on social networks and ensure a positive image of the company as a whole or a specific brand.


Effective Strategies of Modern Content Marketing

To date, several most relevant content marketing strategies can be distinguished: persuasion, SEO, and storytelling. Find a brief description of each below.



Content marketing can effectively position a company as an expert in a particular field. By regularly posting valuable content, the business will capture the audience's attention.

Potential customers may even feel obligated to the business. Over time, this will help the company build a good, trusting relationship with its clients and recommend a product or service with a high probability of purchase.

However, it is essential to understand that content marketing only works when it engages. Mediocre content is unlikely to position a company as an expert in a particular field.



Creating valuable content relevant to the website's topic and using keywords that users search for will help your search engine rankings.

A search engine like Google can define how long a user spends on a page and reward the most attractive pages. Writing content that keeps people on your site can impact your organic search rankings.

If your potential audience reads every word or watches every video, you will increase sales and get a better position in search engines, increasing your audience.

WordPress plugins, such as Deep Theme, MEC, etc., will help you create effective content marketing and develop SEO strategies. Such tools will help you track your SEO progress and provide feedback for improvement.

If you have no experience with WordPress, you can easily take the best wordpress course on Udemy and get the knowledge you need.



All texts produced on behalf of a certain brand have a greater effect when written in the same style, in simple language accessible to the user.


5 Steps to Creating Great Content

No matter what content marketing strategy you choose, it's important to follow certain principles.

The main principles of an effective content marketing strategy are related to creating high-quality content that simultaneously provides readers with useful information and advertises goods or services.

Content that blurs the lines between informing the client and promoting goods and services is one of the key trends in content marketing today.

So, the main principles of creating quality content include:

  1. The content must be related to the brand. Quality content should correspond to the company's marketing strategy and help implement it. If the content texts are not related to the brand, they will not be able to attract the audience. Therefore, the created content should talk about the brand, explain the mission, and highlight everyday activities. The content should be simple and understandable for the target audience, and then it will find feedback among consumers;
  2. Creation of content on an ongoing basis. Quality advertising content always remains relevant. However, you should maintain the brand's popularity by releasing new content from time to time. To achieve the maximum result, it is desirable to turn the content site into a platform that is constantly developing and updating;
  3. Using different media channels. The Internet provides unlimited opportunities for content distribution. It is necessary to use different platforms and ways of presenting information to involve the target audience in social interaction;
  4. Generating content that inspires. It should be remembered that the content can inspire the audience. By inspiring people, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Quality material can connect meaningful and important values with the brand;
  5. Creating content based on the everyday experience of the audience. Many of the best marketing ideas come from everyday experiences. Everyone likes to chat and joke with friends. Everyone has own idea of beauty. That is why you should look for ideas for creating conversion content in everyday life.


Typical Content Marketing Mistakes

With the help of content marketing, the company attracts new customers who stay with it for a long period of time. But often, content marketing has various problems.

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There are 10 classic content marketing pitfalls you should be aware of and avoid:

  • Poor design that does not satisfy users;
  • Poor quality text. A common cause of poor blogging is bad headlines, but there are problems with the text itself. After all, most authors continue to publish texts with the so-called SEO effect. In practice, such texts will resemble sets of unrelated phrases;
  • Lack of diversity;
  • Consecutive resale;
  • Bad formatting;
  • Unstructured blogging;
  • Incorrect choice of channel or target audience;
  • Lack of a decent short message with a call to action;
  • Lack of goals;
  • Lack of initial research.



Thus, content marketing is a widespread technology in the modern marketing practice of attracting the target audience to a brand by creating relevant content.

Content marketing is widely used by the most successful global companies and small and medium-sized businesses.

Today, the most common communication channels for content marketing are websites and social networks.

With the help of content marketing, the company can create its own unique style that users will recognize even without specifying the brand, increase the flow of organic traffic to its resources, and become a more authoritative brand in the eyes of consumers and search engines.

Useful content, which does not have a promotional nature and includes interesting information, stories, and photos, is the future of mutual relations between the client and the business.

People are willing to be loyal to companies that provide them with the information they need in full.


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