How to Counter Cyber-attack and Protect Yourself While Streaming 2023

Out of the many things you could fear being cyber-attacked, Netflix is one of them. You might be thinking a cyberattack on Netflix would mean the hacker just wants to stream a few shows on your account (it’s nice to share right?). In reality, there is much more at stake here.


Introduction to counter cyber-attack


Netflix has your login credentials and credit/debit card in payment method, meaning you are at risk of losing more than just a streaming service. Hackers have gotten smarter in phishing users and guessing account passwords. This spells trouble for you, which is why you need to take protection into your own hands.

In this article, we will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to save yourself from cyberattacks. Stick around to read about VPNs and about how they protect you.

We’ve even picked the best VPN for Netflix streaming. Also, this goes without saying but these tips will secure your streaming experience on any platform, be it Disney Plus, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.


Activity Log Check


If your account is hacked into, the hacker can decide to stream content (you’d be a fool not to watch a few shows just to celebrate the unethical hacking).

Just like browser history, there is a viewing activity tab in Netflix that will help you detect suspicious views. Most of the time, the features that are being watched pop up in the ‘Continue Watching’ section until they’re completely done with.

You just scroll to settings and go to viewing activity and see whether there is unusual streaming from your device or not. This can be done twice a day to improve your chances of detecting a hacking attempt.


Virtual Private Networks


One of the most popular ways of protection, and the number one tool in cybersecurity is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These are widely used in corporations and offices for data protection.

It gives the users a dedicated IP Address while hiding their original ensuring your online privacy. It also allows them to jump countries virtually so that they can get access to some regionally exclusive data and content.

counter cyber-attack

When it comes to protection from hackers, streaming Netflix through a VPN makes it more secure. It steers you clear from hackers attacking your IP address, your Wi-Fi connection, or your logs. VPNs are designed not to keep logs and hide your online presence.

On a positive note, VPNs also allow you to stream Netflix content that is regionally restricted. If you’re outside the US, you can still stream Netflix US. The same is the case with Netflix UK or Canada or Australia.

Some of the VPNs that have been tried and tested on Netflix are:

  • ExpressVPN (the overall best)
  • NordVPN
  • Cyber Ghost
  • IP Vanish
  • Surfshark


Periodical Credential Updates


This is a simple habit but has proven quite useful in the fight against hackers. Your login credentials should change every month. This reduces the chances of phishing (we will discuss it in detail further).

It is also a good idea to not save your payment method. Of course, it becomes tedious to input your credit card information every month, but it is a small price to pay for protection.


Reporting the flaws


Finally, if you do find any hacking attempts or unwanted viewing from your account, Netflix has a dedicated e-mail address for that, which is [email protected]. There are many ways that cyberattacks can take place. Below, we will list some of the reports of the past so that we can learn from them.


Types of Cyberattacks on Netflix




Phishing is a sneaky way of getting the user to give away his important credentials. Hackers can send out e-mails and texts to phish users.

One fine example comes from 2020 when many Netflix users got an e-mail about ‘update payment method to keep Netflix account subscription’. This e-mail carried a sense of urgency which compelled some users to click on their attached link which led them to the login ID page.

counter cyber-attack

You might think you’re logging into Netflix when you’re filling out a form where your credentials just got collected. Although the e-mail looked genuine, it was a phishing attempt.

Some of the signs to detect this is the e-mail address, the link attached in the e-mail, and sometimes grammar. By being wary of these, you’ll be able to steer clear from phishing attacks and can report them to Netflix as well.


Login on Public Devices


Imagine you check in to a hotel that has the Netflix app but not the login credentials. You decide to use your account and after you’re done streaming, you check out of the hotel but fail to log out.

This is a public device that has your Netflix credentials, and until you get to recovering, someone can mess with your credentials. There could be recording equipment connected to the TV that tracked the input.

Public devices are a red flag when it comes to logging in to Netflix or any account. If you’re traveling, you should limit your account logging activity to a minimum or on trusted devices.




Cybersecurity is an in-demand industry because it is the need of the hour. Every year, thousands of accounts are hacked, and millions of data are breached into.

With this knowledge, you’ll be smart enough to think twice before logging in or using your account. Of course, we write this with the intent to keep you safe and not scare you. If you follow the tips to protect your account, you’ll have a comfortable streaming experience.


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