Best WordPress Comment Plugin

Manage your Comments in the fastest, easiest & most modern way with the best WordPress comment plugin.

Best WordPress Comment Plugin

Replace the native
WordPress comments

Detailed settings and

Modern & Responsive

Sorting System

Social sharing

Like or Dislike

Best WordPress Commenting System

Our plugin will get you the feeling of your favorite social media or your community forum over WordPress comments, making your audience want to be a part of the community on your site.
It adds super powerful features to the native WordPress discussion system with customized design and form alongside AJAX real-time comment system and notification.

Created even for WordPress newbies, making it possible to customize it as much as you want and get it to match your desired design without the need to get your hands dirty with any coding. It can handle thousands of comments on each post and load a certain number of them each time by clicking on the load more button. 3 pre-designed prefect skins with satisfying UI and UX.

Ability to automatically put offensive comments' status to pending with word blacklist feature for detecting inappropriate comments. Live popup notification for new replies over the followed comments. Integration with Google reCAPTCHA to prevent any kind of robots activities. And last but not least, compatibility with almost any kind of WordPress themes on the market.

Best WordPress Commenting System
mec nin ptrn1 - New Intro

User-friendly Interface

Brilliant design based on the latest methods

Design was one of the most crucial points in the creation process of this plugin. Its UI (user interface) was designed based on the most recent methods. Element placements, Typography, Spacing, Colors and Borders were designed in a way to attract users more and make them not be able to take their eyes off it.

User Engagement

Users can access their desired content on the comments in the fastest way possible with its sorting by trending, popular, newest and oldest feature and have engagement with it by its voting (like/dislike) buttons.

User Engagement
deeper-comments responsive

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Display comments perfectly in all devices

Webnus development team, with 10 years of experience in creating WordPress themes, is proficient at making responsive elements, that’s why all elements are perfectly responsive and mobile-friendly.


Deeper Comments can drastically improve your comment area by improving the design, allowing commenters to login via Google, display nested comments, and more.

It is a revolutionary move in WordPress comment subject that will bring new experience for the user which was never like this before.It comes with a complete set of commenting functions and features.

Premium Support

Our responsive customer support team boasts a high customer satisfaction rating. If you have any issues with Deeper Comments the best WordPress Comment plugin, do not hesitate to contact us and remember we are always here to help.


Key Features

Interactive Comments

People can like or dislike your comment and reply to it in an interactive place which will keep them busy and therefor on your site.

Choose Where To Show

You can limit the appearance of Deeper Comments form based on your WordPress post types.

Modern Design

The latest methods of User Interface Design & User Experience are used designing Deeper Comments.

On The Flow: "Ajax"

Comment submission, notifications on new replies, voting, editing and deleting comments happens on the flow without page refreshing.

Comment Sorting Filters

Users can access their desired content in no time with filters like Newest comments, Oldest, Popular and Trending on sorting bar.

Custom Avatars for Authors

You can set custom Gravatars for the times comment authors doesn't have an avatar or you just don't want to show any.

Customize Everything!

You can customize every color, border, margin, width and height on comments box or reply boxes to give it your desired looks.

Blacklist Bad Comments

With the word blacklist, you can define which comments should be flagged as inappropriate and automatically transformed to pending.

WYSIWYG Live Editor

You can let your users have the world's most famous live editor called TinyMCE when trying to write & post a comment.