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Here you can manage comment settings.

1. Delete Comments By Users

Permission to delete comments in front-end for logged-in users.

2. Edit Comments By Users

Permission to edit comments in front-end for logged-in users.

3. Spam Check

Posting comments are possible based on spam-check sensitivity.

4. User Profile Url

Set author profile URL, leave empty for default profile URL.

5. Spam Check Sensitivity Time

Add a delay between posting comments for example 3/second.

6. AutoLink

If the AutoLink option is enabled, written plain URLs will be transformed to HTML clickable hyperlinks.

7. TinyMCE Editor for Writing Comments

According to Wikipedia: TinyMCE is an online rich-text editor released as open-source software under the LGPL. It has the ability to convert HTML textarea fields or other HTML elements to editor instances.

8. Image Insertion Button (TinyMCE Editor Toolbar)

By enabling Image Insertion Button option, comment authors will be able to insert their images with description and specified dimensions in their comments.

9. Emoji List Button(TinyMCE Editor Toolbar)

By enabling Emoji List Button option, comment authors will be able to see a list of popular emojis and use them among their comment’s text.

10. Link Insertion Button for Users (TinyMCE Editor Toolbar)

By enabling Link Insertion Button option, comment authors (guests and logged-in users) will be able to insert their links as HTML hyperlinks in their comments.

11. Link Insertion Button for Guests (TinyMCE Editor Toolbar)

Show link insertion button for guests on TinyMCE editor toolbar when writing a comment.

12. Access to Edit Comments (Days)

You can set the maximum time for comment authors to be able to edit their comments (in days).

13. Notification on New Replies

Users receive notifications about new replies to a comment they’ve followed.

14. Enable/Disable Guest Comments

Enable/disable permission for guests to write and post comments.

15. Show/Hide Website Field

Showing/Hiding website field when posting comments (only for guests).

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