What Are The Differences Between Google Ads And Search Ads 360?

Google ads, also known as Google AdWords, is a technology platform mainly used to manage paid text ads within the Google Search Engine. This ad helps digital advertisers attain their desired business goals within the stipulated time.

Google ads

The platform offers a bunch of tools and features that make it easier for advertisers to attain their goals in business.

When managing paid search campaigns through the platform, you stand a better chance to record incredible results since you have everything it takes to enhance the success of your efforts.

You can easily manage your budget, track your ads and create new ads depending on your preferred needs. On the other hand, Search Ads 360 gives digital advertisers more freedom and power, elevating their marketing capabilities to the next level.

Search Ads 360 can distribute ads on different platforms depending on your preference. This is where many digital advertisers get confused since they don't understand whether to choose Search Ads 360 or Google ads.

The truth is that there are many things that marketers need to understand when dealing with Search Ads 360 vs. Google ads.

This article points out everything that marketers need to know in order to help them make impactful decisions that will impact the growth of their businesses. Let's dive into details!


What is Search Ads 360?

The Search Ads 360, popularly known as SA360, aids in the exceptional management of SEA campaigns. It plays a considerable role in distributing the ads on different search platforms to target a wide number of customers across the search engine.

Google ads

It also comes with a reporting tool that offers comprehensive features that make tracking and managing campaigns from different diversities easier.

This tool can easily be integrated into the Google marketing platform whereby managing different campaigns from a single point becomes challenging. This means that the user may lose control over other running ads since managing all the essential aspects from a single point is challenging.


Google Ads Vs. Search Ads 360

At this point, you should be able to note the major difference between Google ads and the SA360. Let's dig deep and analyze more differences!


Cross Channel Remarketing

When using SA360, you can easily generate a remarketing list from the prospects who have clicked on the search engine ads you posted on various platforms.

You can go ahead and monitor the ads placed on display and on social networks to ensure that you have a detailed report that can be used when making prudent development decisions within your business.

However, you should understand that this can only be done on search engines that are easily compatible with SA360.

You need to be keen when distributing your ads since you should only focus on the platforms whereby your application method is highly compatible to ensure that you collect reliable data that you can use in the long run.


Bids Optimization and Generation of Ads

The ability of SA360 mainly lies in the proper implementation of bid strategies that can easily optimize the business KPIs, which are easily adapted to your client's objectives.

Also, you will realize that this platform's bidding process is much easier than Google ads. This is mainly triggered by the fact that there is automated bidding that you can utilize and get the best out of your ads.


Ads Distribution on Different Networks

When using SA360, you can easily create and manage ad campaigns on different platforms with much ease.

The tool has the power to generate reports across the platforms where the ads are distributed to ensure that all the ad performance is strictly monitored and real-time reports are delivered to the business stakeholders. Remember that this only works well on the platforms where the SA360 is highly compatible.

When analyzing some of the best search engines compatible with SA360, always go for Yahoo, Google, Bong, and Baidu. If you share your ads on this platform, you are assured of getting better results and real-time information that is vital in decision making.


Generation of Reports

On your SA369, you will realize that there is the campaign tab that allows you to evaluate the performance of your ads and the keywords you are using. The tab has a series of pages that gives you a glimpse of the ads' performance and the ongoing trends within the industry.

Also, it gives you room to access a detailed summary of your graphics performance. This means that you can easily generate any of your preferred data reports that you can use to enhance the success of your marketing ads.


Cross Engine Functionality

When dealing with Google ads, you will realize that advertisers are only restricted to optimizing their campaigns in only a single engine at a time. On the flip side, SA360 accommodates all the major search engines, which gives advertisers a huge opportunity to secure more potential customers from different platforms.

Google ads

In addition, the SA360 allows the display of ads on different platforms such as paid social integrations and YouTube.

Using multiple channels is an easy task when using SA360, given that it has an advanced methodology for generating data reports across all the platforms, helping the advertisers to evaluate the performance of their ads on different channels and how they impact the business growth.

Also, SA360 offers its users the freedom to make a bunch of changes on different search engines by just using a few clicks and changes are made.


Automated Bidding

The SA360 has an automated bidding strategy that works better than that of Google ads. Search Ads 360 allows you to set minimum or maximum CPA or ROAS constraints regardless of your chosen bidding strategy.

Setting these features helps enhance the efficiency of your bidding efforts, thus increasing your chances of yielding better results.

Also, SA360 allows you to automate your location, geographic bid adjustments, and remarketing, which saves much of the time you could have spent doing the work manually.

Given that SA360 is a product owned by Google, it has the power to penetrate and use the entire power of Google ads smart bidding, which is popularly known as auction-time bidding.

This methodology has the power to analyze different features of data in real-time, generating detailed reports that are vital to the success of your ads. It can set every keyword in a manner that displays it in the best position ever and maximize its general performance in terms of the recorded conversion rate.

With the aid of SA360, advertisers can easily create powerful bidding solutions to help them attain their advertising goals.


Data-Driven Attribution

Data-driven attribution, also known as DDA, is used to evaluate the interaction within your campaigns and establish a better methodology for distributing the conversion credit depending on the areas where the interaction mainly occurs within the conversion path.

This strategy is also applied in the conversions sector to help you understand how keyword clicks lead to conversion within your business.

SA360 gives advertisers room to create the DDA strategy within their interface to help them monitor the performance of their ads and how they are converted at the end of the day. DDA can be established in the search engine traffic from either Google or Microsoft.

Also, it can be applied to paid social and organic traffic, which is essential in enhancing the success of your strategies. You can easily build up to five DDA models on your SA360 account to ensure you have secured a broad market audience.

The data-driven attribution model plays a huge role in ensuring that your ads target a specific audience, thus enhancing the success of your SA360.



Google ads and search ads 360 are essential tools for digital marketers in ensuring that their ads are displayed to their required market audiences to increase their chances of success. Besides, you must clearly outline what you want to attain in business.

Also, ensure that you understand the difference between the two to make a proper choice that suits your needs. Remember that the two have different operation models and can help you attain different goals. This means you need to have a good grasp of the power of all the tools to ensure that your efforts and investment are worth it.


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