The Digital Marketing Benefits of WordPress

In this article we are going to introduce digital marketing benefits of WordPress and how WordPress can help you with your online marketing plans.

If you have thought about starting a podcast, the timing couldn’t be better than now.

Podcasting has gone a long way from being a little known form of media to what it is now. In fact, in the last three years, podcast listeners in the U.S. have risen to 37.5 percent.

In 2020, 55 percent of American audiences have listened to a podcast, a Convince & Convert report said.


Why Use WordPress?

However, podcasting takes more than just recording and uploading the podcast audio or video to your website.

You also need to decide which platform is best for your podcast. A dedicated website for your podcast should be able to handle all that data and store your podcast media online and play it to your audience.

Maybe you wonder if WordPress would be the right content management system for your podcast’s digital marketing strategy.

It would really depend on your goals for the site and the specific functionalities you are looking for to achieve those goals.

However, more than a quarter of websites today or 35.2 percent are powered by WordPress.

That is tantamount to 24.8 million live WordPress sites. And that speaks volumes when it comes to WordPress’ popularity among website developers and business organizations.

The beauty of using WordPress is that you can extend its functionality to meet the needs of the website.

Couple that with a community of developers that never runs out innovative plugins that allow WordPress to do just about anything you can imagine.

Here are some of the ways that WordPress can benefit your digital marketing efforts:


Website Portal

Website portals, when done right, can provide a highly-engaging experience to its visitors. WordPress has tons of plugins available to help in managing membership needs.

With it, you can efficiently manage your memberships, sell merchandise, schedule events, provide payment options, and so much more.


Content Marketing

No doubt, content marketing is one of the most effective tools used in digital marketing strategy. Businesses and individuals use content marketing to reach out to their audience.

Hiring a digital marketing agency for producing quality content that the audience can use, posting it on the website, and promoting it through emails, social media, and paid ads can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Likewise, using targeted keywords and key phrases in the content is vital in helping search engines find your content and present it to your target audience.

If many users find your content useful, engaging, and informative, getting backlinks, mentions, social shares would be easy to achieve.

All these possibilities can be achieved with the help of WordPress.



As mentioned, digital presence is vital to achieving your digital marketing goals. And WordPress can help improve your organic SEO or search engine optimization.

WordPress offers a wealth of plugins and themes that are explicitly created to help improve your on-page SEO.

Many of these plugins let you see how your meta description and title tag will appear on the SERP or search engine results page.

Moreover, WordPress allows for easy internal linking as well as URL customization.

And with WordPress’s framework and link structure, it is easy for search engines to find, index, and rank your web pages.


User Experience

Arguably, WordPress provides the best possible user experience for both the website owner and users. WordPress is very easy to use, and its interface is very intuitive.

It does not make much effort to add and format pages, posts, or images from the back end.

There are plugins you can add to make your website easier to use and access from a mobile device.

There are thousands of themes, as well, that are mobile responsive, so user experience does not deteriorate when moving from a PC to a mobile device.


WordPress vs. Other CMS

Besides ease of use, SEO integration, and customizability, there are other advantages of using WordPress than other content management systems out there.



WordPress offers a vast library of plugins and themes to add functionality to your website.

Moreover, you can have a developer create and add a customized plugin that works perfectly with your WordPress site.

What that simply means is you will always have a choice when it comes to customizing your website built with WordPress.



WordPress, being an open-source platform, requires no license to use. In contrast, other platforms may require a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Being a popular platform, you will never run out of WordPress developers who can offer to build your website at competitive prices.



WordPress takes pride in the fact that the framework from which it was built is widely supported.

And being an open-source platform, it can be hosted virtually anywhere.

With all of these benefits, unfortunately, the websites developed through WordPress may have issues regarding the speed.

But there are many easy ways you can speed up your WordPress website.


Starting a Podcast with WordPress

First off, before getting started with your podcast, you need to find a niche and the right topics to discuss in your podcast.

Know our audience and what are the things that interest them. From there, you can narrow down your topics.

So, what do you need to get set up to get things rolling? That would be your website, which will include setting up the WordPress hosting and domain name.

You can either choose a or to get started with building your website.

There are plenty of web hosting services you can choose from for your WordPress website. Once you have selected your website hosting provider, follow the instructions to complete the installation and the setting up.

To ensure that your website’s resources will not get overwhelmed, and for optimum listener experience, you also need to get a media hosting service provider for your podcast.

Lastly, you need to invest in proper podcasting equipment. Excellent audio quality is a crucial element in podcasting.

Invest in premium quality microphones and headphones and other equipment, including mic arm, pop filter, and shock mount.


Is WordPress The Right Platform For You?

WordPress no doubt boasts of verifiable statistics that speaks about its popularity among developers and businesses alike.

WordPress is a great CMS for all your podcast content. WordPress as a platform also looks and performs great on computers and mobile devices.

WordPress is widely supported and used, and it offers thousands of options to customize and add functionality to your website.

WordPress definitely is an excellent platform for all your podcast digital marketing efforts.

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