Image Size Shortcodes in Modern Event Calendar

sizes vary so to customize you Can use  image size shortcodes in Modern Event Calendar plugin, if you can’t do it yourself then we suggest suing services of or act as below for each shortcode


First check this link:

Image crop sizes in MEC are like that, as you are using cropped images then you can use full images. Go to following directory and according to shortcode skin open “render.php” file

~root / wp-content / plugins / modern-events-calendar / app / skins

Search for thumbnailsword then instead of codes inside of Single Quotation ” ‘ ” use values mentioned in above link

WordPress Event Calendar


Finally, in your front-end you can use custom css to give desired style.


Please Note:

  1. Kindly note that you need to get backup from your applied changes because after each update they all will back to default.
  2.  If you want keep your changes after updates you need to follow this article:
  3. You can put your files on themes/child_themes directory.
  4. Pay attention to changelog, If we updated the shortcode you have to update your codes. (Not with every updates)
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