5 Important Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Improve Open Rates by 60%

One of the most significant factors in email marketing performance is open rates.

Getting your email opened is vital to any strategy and is even more critical for specific industries and business models. But what are some of the most effective email marketing open rate boosting strategies?

I'm glad you asked because I'm writing this blog. I've compiled 5 of the most effective open rate boosting strategies to help you get more eyes on your email message. These tactics are simple to use and very effective, so you'll be able to improve your overall open rates by over 60%.

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Keep Your Email List Clean

email list clean

Open rates can be a big deal for any email marketer. If you want to improve your open rates and email deliverability, keep your list clean.

First, you must ensure you've got the right people on your list. If someone is not engaging with your emails, they're not interested in what you offer. You may want to remove them from your list, so they don't continue receiving emails they don't want.

Next, ensure that your subscribers are still interested in what you're sending them. If you send them too many emails about one topic or product, they may unsubscribe from your list because they get tired of hearing about it.

You should also ensure that each email contains valuable information and links back to your website or blog, where there is more detail about the content discussed in the email.


Personalize And Segment Emails Based On User Behavior

You want your emails to be as relevant and engaging as possible, so why not personalize them? Personalizing an email increases its value to the user by addressing them by name and showing that you're paying attention.

If a user has visited your website multiple times but has never made a purchase, for example, you could send them an email with information about products they've viewed but not purchased.

This will give the user a sense of specialness and importance, which is sure to increase their engagement—and, therefore, their likelihood of making a purchase.

Personalizing emails based on user behavior is another great way to improve open rates. For example, if a visitor makes multiple visits to your website but doesn't make any purchases, maybe they're just browsing or aren't ready yet!

You can send them an email with coupons or discounts that expire in 24 hours so they don't miss out on savings just because they aren't ready yet.

And vice versa, you can build stronger relationships with your loyal customers by leveraging deep customer segmentation. For example, you can segment them into your best buyers or VIP customers, and share personalized offers tailored to their preferences and budget.

If you're just starting with email marketing, tools like Klaviyo offers some great tools for personalizing your campaigns. But with its free plan, you have to make do with limited features. If that's not enough for you, check out these Klaviyo alternatives.


Optimize For Mobile Viewing

optimize email for mobile view

Optimizing your email marketing strategy for mobile viewing means that you're making it easier for recipients to read and interact with your emails on their phones.

This is a crucial step in increasing open rates, as more and more people are using their phones to check their email these days.

It might seem like an obvious idea, but there are some essential things you need to remember when optimizing for mobile viewing:

  • Make your text large enough so it's easy to read on small screens.
  • Use plenty of white space so the text isn't too dense.
  • Ensure all links work properly on mobile devices (including images).

A/B Your Emails

One of the most common mistakes people make when sending emails is sending everyone the same message. It's tempting to think that sending out a single email will reach all your subscribers and be relevant enough for them. But that's not true!

When you send out one email to all of your subscribers, you're missing out on a huge opportunity—to improve open rates by 60% or more by A/B testing your emails.

That's because, in some cases, different groups of people respond differently to different things in an email. And if you don't know which group is best for your particular message, you'll have no idea what content works best!

For example: let's say you're planning a new product launch and want to get people excited about it as soon as possible.

If you send an email with just the date and time of the launch, that might work well for some people but not others—maybe they won't remember what day it is, or perhaps they don't care about launches at all!

By A/B testing this email with two different versions—one that includes additional details about what the product does and another that includes no details—you'll learn which version works best.


Check Your Sender's Reputation

check your senders reputation - Email Marketing Strategies

A sender's reputation is just a measure of how often recipients open emails from your business. The more often they open, the better your reputation.

And the more often recipients open, the more likely they are to click through those links in your emails – which means better click rates and higher conversion rates for you.

Here are some quick tips for improving your sender's reputation:

  • Don't send too many emails in one day. Your recipients may start ignoring them if they feel like they're getting inundated with messages from you!
  • Don't send emails at weird times when people don't expect them. You want to give people a heads-up that there's something new waiting for them in their inboxes!
  • Make sure everything is spelled correctly and has a professional tone so that people know that it's coming from an actual business rather than someone spamming them out of nowhere (or worse, someone who might be trying to steal their identity!)

Wrapping Up!

These five email marketing strategies are simple, effective, and will help you grow your business leads.

While achieving 60% growth in your open rates overnight could be difficult overnight, focusing on the elements we've outlined above should be a good starting point.

The first step to improving your results is ensuring you have a clearly defined goal: do you want more sales? More people sharing your content? Whatever it is, simply setting a realistic goal will put you ahead of the game.

So what are you waiting for? Take these tips and get to work!


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