How To Create The Best Employee Portal in 2023

In recent times, many job sectors are having to switch to work from home.

To keep your company’s productivity at its peak, a digital transformation workflow becomes quite necessary, and building an employee portal is a great start for that.

An employee portal is an online platform to streamline every process by connecting everyone in your organization.

It keeps the workflow well organized and helps your employees to communicate, get contact information, share digital documents and keep up to date with company news and events.

Following are some of the aspects of creating the best employee portal for your company.


How To Create The Best Employee Portal

Whether you are running a small or large business, you want your employees to stay engaged and communicate with one another.

A well-designed employee portal can help you do just that.

Bklinkglobal is the best example of an employee portal that is created for the employees of Burger King.

Following are some of the important pieces of advice for a well-designed Employee portal.


Make The Search Efficient

One of the most critical features of any employee portal is the search engine.

The search should be optimized in a way that your employees can get the information or files they need fast.

If they are not able to find something they need, they’ll be forced to waste their time which will definitely have a negative impact on their productivity and maybe on client deliverables also.

So if you don’t want your workforce to waste unnecessary time, make sure that the search gets accurate results rapidly.


Social Features Are Necessary

As we said, an employee portal can drastically improve work productivity but for that, it must also have some important social interaction features like high-quality HR video calls, chat support, seamless file sharing, work time tracking, and many more.

These features undoubtedly make your portal enjoyable and increase employee interaction by helping them collaborate on various different projects.


Include Employee Self-Service Features

The days of filing paper form requests with the HR department are long gone.

Having an employee portal can make it easy for your employees to file annual leaves, transfer requests, and business trips without having to fill out any paper documents.

A well-thought-out employee portal can drastically reduce your HR department workload.

You can also use public records search system to ease the process.


Make The Portal Easily Accessible

You may have your employee portal hosted on your own server or cloud.

It has its own advantages and disadvantages.

But the best employee portal is one that your employee can access on a regular browser through their desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

It is always better to have more ways to access your company portal but we recommend you put a little more emphasis on mobile compatibility.

Nowadays, most of the extra work is done on the go and employees don’t need to be tied to their desks to access their company portal.


Be Open For Feedback

After your employee portal goes online, you must take feedback from the employees.

The IT team you are hiring must treat employees like customers and be open to any negative feedback and improvements.

Many portal developers also provide daily analytics of your portal that shows which portal tools your employees use regularly, which ones are just bottlenecks needing improvement, and employees who are slow adopters and may need help.


If you are an employee of USPS then you can easily login through liteblue login which is also the best example of a login portal.



These days having your own employee portal or workflow automation software is the best solution to improve workflow, engagement, and drive innovation in the work environment.

In the end, the best employee portals are the ones that require the least resources to manage and at the same time have the most impact on workforce efficiency with streamlined business processes.

Your employee portal should be a one-stop-shop for any documents, permissions, company news, and events.

Your employees should feel confident and comfortable using the portal and any feedback or requests for new features should be welcomed.



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