How to Promote Your Content on LinkedIn? 5 Efficient Tips

LinkedIn remains one of the leading platforms for promoting products and services.

Yet, what about content? Despite the platform's focus on business and wide usage of its functions by B2B actors, you can apply it for blog content promotion and content marketing.

It contemplates that you have distinct possibilities for attracting visitors to your websites. No question, the blogs referring to B2B content or the business solutions will show the best results.

However, one should not ignore the option of using LinkedIn content to encourage more following or subscription. Many things would depend on the content and how you promote it on LinkedIn.


Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

Read on to learn more about content on LinkedIn, its promotion, and lessons from LinkedIn marketing B2B specialists apply.


Basics: Concepts and Approaches to Use


How to promote an article on LinkedIn? Will it bring visitors to your website? To share your content on LinkedIn, you can use various tactics, from creating a Showcase page or using a personal one to participating in the discussion. Each of them can bring dividends and attract traffic.

Yet, for the LinkedIn content strategy to work, you need to consider the primary principles. What are they? Expertise, networking, and relationship building.



Promoting on LinkedIn requires marketers to produce B2B LinkedIn content full of insights, recommendations, and solutions. It comes from the needs of the core community of LinkedIn, who are professionals wanting to educate themselves. To design such content pieces, a person needs expertise and authority that will support their image and allow getting a voice.



Notably, the networking principle significantly impacts the LinkedIn content strategy you are to design. Reaching the audience requires you to get into people's feeds, which is impossible without enough connections. Therefore, you need to create a worthy image and send invitations to the people to increase your reach.



The significant share of LinkedIn content readers are resistant to the hard selling and know when you are promoting something. That's why you should cultivate your relationships with the audience there to promote content. Your goal is to provide value and answer the audience's pain points. When they are interested and happen to find solutions to their issues, they will likely follow your page, visit your blog and help you form the community.


As a result, to promote on LinkedIn, you need to create an image of an expert and produce quality insights that will allow you to expand your reach, increase trust, and build community.


LinkedIn Content Promotion

At the same time, promoting on LinkedIn goes beyond knowing the basic LinkedIn marketing concepts and unspoken rules. The decisions regarding content promotion depend on your goals and available instruments, like LinkedIn promoted posts or ads.

What are your options in this regard?

To start with, you can pick either a direct or gentle approach to promoting the content you produce.

  1. If your content aims to direct the customers to the blog, you can leave the links to your website in the comment section or contact them by email.
  2. If you set your LinkedIn page as a starting point for content or blog promotion, you can address your audience there and then encourage people to click the link to visit your blog.

Comparing the two approaches, the first is rather aggressive, contemplating finding the people who can be interested in your opinion and giving them a piece to read. In this regard, you can approach them via direct message, in a comment section, or extract their email address with email finder chrome extension. For sure, you would need to engage with the audience first and then offer a piece or create a pitch that will not be ignored.

The second tactic gives you more control over the audience journey, where you can even track the incoming traffic. Yet, it requires from the audience more actions to get to the content, meaning you are likely to get the quality leads, but those who are lazy enough will jump off halfway. Importantly, you can use both methods to maximize efforts in promoting content.


What is LinkedIn Sponsored Content?

Apart from the essential social media functions the platform offers, sponsored content on LinkedIn allows you to target the audience. Notably, such a function can help with marketing in LinkedIn feeds and attracting people to your website.

There are two distinct ways marketers can use Sponsored Content on LinkedIn. Each of them applies to most strategies and reflects the approach you choose, whether it is posting LinkedIn on your page and directing people to your website or a more straightforward one mentioned earlier.

Let's check them:


LinkedIn Promoted Posts as Company Page Updates

This sponsored option takes your page post as a message that will be shown to your audience in their feed. Once you have written and posted the content, you can enter the Campaign Manager tool and share it in other people's feeds. Besides, you can add a link to your blog for more information at the end of the article.


Separate Targeted Message

The second option for distributing the content works differently. You can promote content, events, page, or link via video, text, and InMail messages.

However, you will need to create this piece separately in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. The message or the post will be available only for targeting and not be visible on your page. Thus, it is an excellent option for promoting blog content or attracting visitors to the website.

In the end, they are the ways to support your LinkedIn content strategy with targeting features. In this regard, you should decide which one of them suits your content plan, LinkedIn posting consistency, and the approach you focus on. Picking the company update page option can be great for a gentle approach.

The separate ad message is ideal for straightforward attraction of leads to a website, being an excellent answer to “how to promote an article on LinkedIn” question.


Efficient Tips for Promoting Content on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn content strategy can not simply be based on the sponsored content and ads. It is essential to consider the basic concepts and tactics to ensure organic growth.

That's why you should focus on meeting readers' needs, the quality of your B2B Linkedin content, engagement, and consistency.

To carry out a proper B2B marketing strategy for LinkedIn, the marketers usually apply these techniques that you can learn from:


Map the Needs of Customers

Designing LinkedIn content that would be exciting for the audience requires you to study and map the audience's needs. You can segment your readers and find different issues to produce various solutions. The simple Google Sheet document can help you sort them based on the demographics or job criteria, targeted research, or interests. Notably, you can do polls via applying an email finder by name search and extracting email for further communication.

At the same time, you should do social listening. Join groups, browse the posts of experts and niche opinion leaders, and follow the hashtags. Importantly, with some SEO tools support, you can take a data-driven approach and support relevant topics with keyword gap research.


Track the Results with Pixels

Besides, it is crucial to see what actions of yours bring results and what LinkedIn content is attractive to the audience. Thus, try to track the effectiveness of your LinkedIn content strategy actions regarding traffic attraction. How? Social media allows installing an insight tag or a pixel and monitoring how many people come to your blog from the sponsored content on LinkedIn.


Promote Diverse Educational Pieces

You already know that quality posts are the primary pillar of any Linkedin content strategy. They are to answer the pain points and offer value to the readers. Thus, it is a good idea to create various pieces for the various needs of readers.

You can divide your LinkedIn content into four groups. The first will be the explainers and expert pieces standard for B2B LinkedIn content. The other two refer to predictions and news. Write them from the position of expertise and authority. Besides, do not forget that they should be evergreen and can be of different formats.

Simultaneously, any B2B marketing strategy for LinkedIn contemplates particular consistency despite being a challenge for many B2B marketers. Depending on your resources, you can post once or three times a week/day. Yet, define the content plan and try to follow it. What can help you deal with posting regularly and having enough content? Content repurposing.

If you have excellent materials, use them in videos, infographics, and explainers and direct people to the source. Moreover, you can create courses and organize events to attract people to your website.


Engage in Conversation with Readers

Also, in addition to great content, you should focus on communication and engagement, the keys to distribution and relationship building. Therefore, try to engage with the readers by commenting and reacting. Use it as an occasion to build relationships.

Another tactic is to post and answer the questions in the specific groups where professionals communicate. Share your opinion there, and when the time is right, direct readers for more recommendations to your website or page.


Reach out To Experts

Lastly, as expertise is essential to marketing on LinkedIn, you can think of collaborating with experts to create unique pieces. What are the benefits? Before all, you add to your image. Moreover, you can get more visibility.

Applying email outreach can facilitate creating content for LinkedIn. For instance, you can find the opinion leaders via the search function and get email from LinkedIn pages with the special tools. Then write to them, offer value and tell your vision of cooperation.

If you manage to produce an excellent piece or agree on a mutual event, post it on your page and mention the collaborators. That way, you will have a chance to be visible to their audience, meaning you can interest new followers.


Final Words

Promoting content on Linkedin contemplates following the rules of B2B marketing, using the instruments effectively, and having a working strategy. The concepts and tips mentioned in this article will likely help you produce a LinkedIn strategy that will bring you benefits.

You should remember that content promotion strategies start from great content, while expertise allows you to build the image and answer the target audience’s needs. In the end, your goal is not to sell but to educate, develop relationships and cultivate community.



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