Link Building Strategy: Key Points of Implementation

When setting up a business in any area, there are many challenges to overcome. The forex niche isn't an exception, according to its growing popularity.

New brokerage firms have to deal with a host of issues that all young companies encounter. In an oversaturated market, a broker must do more than offer technical support and keep the trading platform running. They must also promote their business.

The total volume of the forex market is currently estimated at over the point of $6 trillion. Around 9.5 million people trade online all over the world.

It means approximately one in every seven hundred people can be your client. All you need to do is prepare your company by cutting through the information noise to stand out from other forex companies. And here, SEO optimization services come up.

Intro to Forex Link Building!

Link building is an established part of SEO. Many forex brokers and traders sometimes hardly see the importance of link building or pay little attention to it. In fact, link-building is as essential in forex's niche as in other industries.

Link building can help you drive quality referral traffic, improve domain authority, and boost your organic rankings. Therefore, a powerful link-building strategy is a strategy for your company's growth.

Search engines' algorithms are now taking into account traditional inbound links for ranking purposes, as well as one-way links from Forex blogs, Forex trader communities, and other forex-related sites.

Simply put, there are numerous nuances involved in the link-building process. Consequently, it's better to prefer an SEO company or expert services such as SEO for forex brokers to get the perfect result. Nevertheless, a general understanding of the process will always be helpful.

What's Included in Creating a Strong Link Profile for Forex Site?

Exploring the article posted here also helps to understand the importance of advertising approaches for your forex business, including such things as Google ads and email marketing.

And now that you know any SEO strategy remains crucial for your company's development, you need to understand how the SEO company implements it. That way, you can be confident that it will work and that your investments will pay off.

Specifically, what goes into the process of implementing a powerful link-building strategy?

  1. It starts with analyzing competition that involves deep research according to your company goals. Here the specifics of competitors' backlinks and their types of anchors and links are investigated as well as determining whether such an approach will work for your goals.
  2. The next step is planning an outreach strategy. Based on the previously detailed analysis, anchors suitable for website promotion are found.
  3. Then, outreach specialists contact operational forex sites webmasters to determine the relevant domains and negotiate about creating backlinks that fit your requirements and goals.
  4. Lastly, the appropriate content is created in a way relevant keywords are written in it, and the link to your company site is included. All that is followed by content publishing and further detailed reporting.

That is how everything looks in general, but it's essential to understand that the implementation process may differ a little according to the specific link-building strategy.

Top Link-Building Strategies for Forex Companies

Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, states links are one of the three factors determining a website's ranking on Google.

That's why, if you want your Forex business website to rank high in search results, you certainly need a good link-building strategy in place.

There are a lot of link-building strategies that SEO companies can implement, along with other SEO tools, to boost your online presence.

This section covers the most valuable strategies many professional Forex traders can rely on if they want to focus their website promotion specifically on link-building. Each of the strategies below has a list of tactics that will help you figure out what needs to be done to achieve it.

Link-Worthy Content

So, let’s learn effective link-building strategies, starting with link-worthy content publishing. This idea implies creating content that people want to build their links to.

Such content is valuable to people who don't have time to sift through marketing fluff, so it's likely to be widely shared and at the top of the marketing funnel.

For instance, linking to pages relevant to the targeted audience makes sense for editors. Therefore, if the information on your page is relevant to their audience, they're more likely to link to it.

Link-worthy content also solves a problem or answers questions that potential clients are likely to have. In that case, the content must be informative and educational. It also must answer common queries, or, in other words, not simply solve customers' issues but do it uniquely.

Link-worthy content can be the following:

  • articles with deep expertise in a particular forex trading topic;
  • latest trends and current data about the industry;
  • how-to guides and educational posts;
  • studies benefiting the industry, etc.

There is a need to audit your website's existing content to determine gaps. When starting a new forex platform, SEO experts must find out what content will suit your audience.

Technical SEO

Another way to improve your site's search engine rankings is to perform a technical SEO audit on your backlinks. All links can break, leading to pages going down.

Webmasters or resources linking to your page may not even know that links to your platform are no longer working. So backlink analysis must be performed to track how links are functioning. The following are some tactics included in this strategy:

Fixing these links makes your platform more easily crawled and indexed by search engine bots. Also, if your website recently moved to HTTPS, all links must be updated from HTTP.

Guest Posting

Among professional SEOs, guest posting is considered the third most popular link-building strategy. It looks like an equitable exchange of value.

In practice, it means giving a unique and useful piece of content in exchange for a mention of your forex website and a link to it on the resource page.

Every resource or blog wants to grow traffic to its page. So, the offered content must be ranked well for the site's target keyword and bring them consistent search traffic. That way, the strategy will work and help your platform gain new backlinks.

Thought Leaders

Collaborating with thought leaders and creating “thought leadership content” can also boost your rankings on Google. “Thought leaders” are influencers or communities that are considered experts in a particular industry.

They often provide fresh content and present novel concepts relating to their market sector. As a consequence of this, a great number of people are likely to trust what they publish and say and utilize their materials and words as proof.

To implement this strategy successfully, two things are crucial. The first one is finding relevant communities or influential people in the forex trading area who might put your content in front of their audience.

The second one is related to the content you'll offer those thought leaders. There must be a compelling reason for them to promote your content in the first place.

Google will view you as more of an authority site if more people refer to your content as coming from a reliable resource. The more people or communities that point to your website, the better it is for promotion. The following tactics can be helpful in implementing this strategy well:

  • social media content publishing (being advertised on famous  platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter can help you drive a lot of traffic to your website);
  • posting answers on Q&A websites;
  • updating platform visitors and readers on the news in the forex area;
  • hosting a podcast or a webinar (can be an effective way to build your forex business's credibility and reach more potential customers).

Wrapping It up

The right implementation of link-building strategies is an effective method for increasing the amount of traffic that comes to your site.

Your website will receive thousands of visitors, many of whom will be converted to repeat customers. If you have thousands of links that lead to your forex platform, you can expect a big jump in your ranks.

However, every powerful link-building strategy takes some time to provide visible results. Be sure to choose a reputable SEO company or agency to trust to promote your forex platform.

Prefer companies with experience in the forex trading industry and good references from previous clients. Avoid companies offering black-hat tactics like misleading redirects, toxic backlinks, or spamming.

That way, you get a strong backlink profile, guaranteeing your forex platform will appear at the top of search engine results.


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