MEC Features

New skins designed for future! These skins are created based on the latest design methods to make your website so much more appealing and your visitors will surly admire it.

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Wordpress Event Calendar Icon

WordPress Event Calendar

With the ever growing population of WordPress users in the world all together with the expansion of the WordPress tools and features makes WordPress event calendar the best option for creating an event management website. As the best event calendar plugin, Modern Events Calendar provides you with numerous features and options to create and manage your events.

Responsive Events Calendar

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

In addition to the User Interface and User Experience provided through MEC on the front-end and back-end, we have also implemented responsive access to your calendar and all events from any device; making sure that your view looks accurate regardless of where you’re viewing the page.

SEO Plugins Compatibility, Rank Math, Yoast and ...

Optimizing your website through search engines is a necessity we’ve taken into consideration during the development process. If your website’s whole premise is set on event sales then optimization becomes even more important. It both has an impact on your sales and also provides helpful information regarding your event’s status (whether it’s canceled, moved-online or rescheduled) on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Front-end event submission
Responsive Events Calendar

Front-end Event Submission

A new way to approach event submission and ticket sales for submitted events but from the frontend and by users. The website owner receives a commission while the event organizer (the person who has submitted the event) receives payment directly to their account. Extremely easy to set up and configure, with the ability to insert new organizers, add multiple events and add tickets and manage other details related to an event ready for submission (all in one page).

Booking/Coupon system

An intuitive booking system with the ability to start or end booking on a specific time, early bird pricing to promote pre-purchase all come together in one booking form to facilitate your event ticket sales. Whether you’ve got a dance class, specific time slots for your therapy sessions or trying to exhibit an art show, this booking module has got you covered.

Front-end event submission
Responsive Events Calendar

Shortcode Generator

The Shortcode Generator allows you to display your events in different skins and style while also providing the option to filter in certain taxonomies and an advanced search form. Let’s imagine you’re running online classes, in that scenario you’d choose the Timetable shortcode view and if you’re running events in different physical locations then you’ll use the Map View. The possibilities are limitless, do you want to include expired and upcoming events in your calendar or not? It’s all up to you.

Import from Third party plugins

Migrating to a new solution is always difficult, it’s not just the learning curve you have to get over but also the worry of what will happen to all your progress on your current solution. Well Modern Events Calendar has got you covered, if you’re using any of the calendars listed you can migrate to MEC with ease and in one click. This also includes your organizers and locations so you can return to setting up events without having to worry about manually having to insert everything.

Front-end event submission
Responsive Events Calendar

Sync with Google Calendar

Perhaps you’ve been using Google Calendar for a while now and MEC has only recently come up on your radar. In that case, you can either manually import your Google Calendar events in MEC or if you’d like to continuously keep your events in check then you can sync MEC with Google Calendar so that any changes made on either of them is reflected in the other. The sync feature is probably the best way to keep both your calendar up to date.

Search Bar

Regardless of whether you have multiple events or just a few, a search bar is a necessity and something users always look for on a page to find what they are looking for faster. Include different taxonomies in your search bar to help your users find their desired events.

Front-end event submission
Responsive Events Calendar

Booking Form Builder / Each Event

Different events require different information during booking and as such we’ve provided the option to either use a global form or design a form exclusive to your event based on the information you need. You can design your own template by choosing from fields such as Radio button, Check box or Dropdown.

Repeat Function

Do you have an event or class that happens regularly? No need to duplicate that even, just enable the repeat function and choose how often you want the event to occur. Daily? Weekly? Or maybe on specific days of the month? You’d be surprised the extent to which you’re able to customize your event’s recurring format.

Front-end event submission
Responsive Events Calendar

Ticket Price per Date

If you plan for your ticket price to change on a specific day or would like to have a pre-order period or get rid of any remaining tickets close to the event date by making them cheaper or more expensive then you can manage these price fluctuations using our plugin.

Report and Promoter Page

Sending out notifications and reminders is a key part of any good calendar plugin; MEC allows you to both send automatic reminders and manual bulk emails to those who have booked your event through email regarding any changes from cancelation and rescheduling.

Front-end event submission
Responsive Events Calendar

Payment methods

MEC supports 2 basic payment gateways namely Stripe and PayPal but you can also use WooCommerce together with MEC to gain access to payment gateways that are not included in MEC. Basically, if it supported by WooCommerce you can use it to sell your tickets. We also have an integration addon for WooCommerce that gives you access to a cart so that users can checkout in one go instead of having to check out multiple times.

Cache Plugins Compatibility

If you use cache plugins to make your website load faster then MEC’s compatibility with these types of plugins allow you to use MEC without having to sacrifice loading speed.

Front-end event submission