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Woocommerce checkout

When booking using Woocommerce, the process could be shorter.
Now there are a lot of clicks (even if they are ajax) before to load the Woo checkout page.
Maybe you coud think to a better integration .
Is not possible to “include” Mec form in Woo checkout page ?

Actually these are the bad things (in my opinion)

– The “checkout” text link (to load the Woo checkout page) could have the same style CSS that the “previous” button (instead of simple text)

– Maybe this step could be jumped ? Is not possible to go directly from the ORDER button to the WOO checkout page ? There is a lot of clicks before to reach the checkout page.


Associate an event with a woocommerce product

The ability to link/associate an event with a woocommerce product or some sort of cart integration with WC?? Currently the woocommerce integration is only allowing the event to be paid using a woo payment method, so it doesn’t interface with the woo cart etc. So users on the site add products to their cart and and also buy an event ticket, but at checkout, the woo products are not being purchased becuase the event is paid only – Also the event is not a “woo” purchased product so does not show up in the member orders area – Associating with a product would allow advanced things like adding a user to a membership group via woo members after product purchase