7 Things Every Marketing Student Needs to Know About SEO

The Internet has and continues to revolutionize how people manage their activities of daily living.

With over 4 billion Internet users, one can't afford to ignore digital marketing potential.

SEO is at the heart of successful Internet marketing endeavors.

As such, marketing students need to know various SEO trends to keep up with the industry demands.

A significant portion of online users' traffic is captured through search engines.

For example, as students look for essay and assignment help, apart from asking their friends and other people in their social circles, they utilize queries such as the best custom writings service.

From organic results to sponsored ads, such search queries return a significant pool.

Sites on the first SERP (search engine result page) enjoy over 30% CTR (click-through rate).

This means that marketers have to invest in effective SEO to enjoy better campaign results.

While keeping up with SEO trends can be challenging, students can learn the art and enjoy productive endeavors with a few hacks.


Things Every Marketing Student Needs to Know About SEO

Let's look at some of the SEO aspects that marketing students need to know.


AI Power

Artificial intelligence is the future of SEO.

The AI field is loaded with powerful tools to bolster SEO, including

  • fast keyword research;
  • powerful content generation;
  • best link-building opportunities.

Marketers can also productively optimize their digital platforms, making it easier to manage SEO efforts.

Many students are conversant with AI.

However, they should aim for an in-depth understanding of how they can leverage the tools to boost SEO.


Local Efforts

In the past, while considering SEO success, some marketers didn't give much weight to the local market.

Tapping into a wider coverage gives a business a competitive edge as it can go beyond the restricted local market.

However, marketing students need to know the value of local SEO and how it can boost campaigns' effectiveness.

The best part is that the local SEO success recipe isn't that complex.

Here are some pointers that can help marketing students set the right footing for local SEO:

  • local keyword;
  • online business directory listing;
  • content tailored to match local events (for example, developing stories/news and location-specific trends);
  • maps (Google My Business account).


UX Testing

User experience can make or break a business.

With a poor UX, the bounce rate will keep skyrocketing.

A business can't attract new customers or enjoy returning ones if they aren't happy with the experience.

However, UX isn't only about the users.

Search engines also utilize the aspect to rank a site.

Although it's not a new concept, here is what marketing students need to know while considering UX testing:

  • load speed;
  • responsiveness across various devices;
  • ease of navigation, for instance, the use of visual aids such as video tutorials;
  • appealing UI (user interface) such as fonts, designs, white space, and high-quality images;
  • friendly sitemap including URLs;
  • creative and remarkable dashboard offering streamlined designs, making it easier for users to find certain functions.


Data-Driven Strategies

Data and analytics are an integral part of successful SEO measures; instinct won't cut it in the competitive market.

For example, with Google Analytics, a marketer can monitor and access reliable data to drive their SEO strategies.

From understanding consumer behaviors and knowing competitors' strategies to keeping up with emerging trends, data-driven efforts give a marketer an edge.

Marketing students don't have to be statisticians to succeed in SEO.

However, some statistical skills help.

They make it easier to collect, analyze, interpret, and understand raw data.

It means that a marketing student won't be playing catch-up as they tailor strategies.

Instead, with reliable data and effective analytic measures, they'll become successful SEO specialists that can scale campaigns' performance to the next level.


Content Development

Content is king; the popular phrase coined by Bill Gates has stood the test of time.

However, while marketers can employ AI to develop content, they still have to keep a close eye to facilitate better results.

A simple hack is hiring custom writing services to improve and ease content development quests.

Search engines utilize search intent to rank and provide users with the most helpful results.

As such, SEO is no longer as simple as keyword optimizations.

EAT (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) is the key to successful SEO content.

This includes

  • showcasing the author's credentials;
  • providing up-to-date information;
  • reinforcing trustworthiness with high-quality domains;
  • creating fact-driven and SEO-friendly content.

Marketing students need to know the basics of content development, not just how to place keywords.

This ensures that the search engine algorithms view the content as useful and rank it better.


Structured Data

Structured data continues to help sites rank better.

Structured data makes it easier for search engines to understand a site's content.

Marketing students need to learn tools ensuring that a site follows an SEO-friendly structure.

For instance, the Structured Data Testing Tool offered by Google can help marketers.

Undertaking various concepts, tools, and measures to ensure that sites and landing pages utilize structured data is a must for SEO success.


Voice Search

As mobile devices continue to be a favorite, users' search habits are quickly changing.

In the recent past, image search optimization was a big thing.

Today, marketers also have to consider voice search optimization.

Voice assistant has proven to be effective, gaining favor among users.

Marketing students need to be familiar with voice search technology to boost SEO efforts.

Voice search usually utilizes longer keywords.

Most voice search queries are questions.

This means that marketing students need to know how to optimize their content for rich and structured answers.



SEO is a broad field.

Nonetheless, with a few pointers, such as highlighted above, marketing students can enjoy a better learning curve.

Being tech-savvy also helps, especially as keeping up with rapid advancements is essential in managing successful SEO strategies.


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