Top SEO Trends in 2019 : What To Do For a Better Google Ranking?

In one word, SEO is the art of adapting to changes. That’s how SEO trends are born. If you want to be at the top of the rank, at first think about your SEO strategy. Because one shortcut to success is getting to know upcoming trends, adapt to changes then design an action plan.

The internet is a primary place for customers to seek their goods and services. Since we have so many people online to search for their needs, businesses can survive with an online presence and providing kinds of stuff. SEO is a kind of marketing strategy that has become imperative in the past decade.

Success in this criteria has a formula: Implement the latest trends throughout your website as you establish authority with Google.

Let’s explore some of these important trends.


9 Important SEO Trends of 2019


Mobile first indexing

In Summary, when Google uses the mobile version of your webpage for the goal of indexing and ranking, we use a mobile-first indexing phrase. It means, you’d better go responsive before Google’s mobile-first system launch. In other words, even though the mobile-first indexing is not a mobile-only policy, but if you have both, desktop and mobile version of your website, first of all, Google bots will rank your webpage in the search results based on a mobile version.

Fast review how to optimize for Google’s Mobile-First Index in 2 following steps:

  • Make the content stable and consistent through desktop PCs, Laptop and Mobile devices.
  • Move to responsive design to give the users the best user interface and user experiences


Voice search

Because of the voice search capability, SEO’s specialists start to optimize their contents for the voice search system. In the following, you can see some statistics that will show us why ‘voice search’ is so important and trendy.

  • 41 percent of adult users do at least one voice search in a day.
  • Voice searches in Google have been up to 35 times bigger since 2008.
  • And finally, you should know that 20 percent of all mobile searches are voice search.

Since voice search has an undeniable and important role in our daily experience and can ease our access to information about our searches, we can use them on multiple platforms and devices such as mobile, laptop, desktop computers and … in any place by interacting with some user interfaces or assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, Siri and etc.


Produce quality content

After updating Google algorithms in 2018, and continually tuning these algorithms, Google is focusing on evaluating the content quality
of websites. That means creating content for keeping your blog/website alive is not good enough anymore. Instead of insignificant and trashy keywords, focus on specific keywords and also high-quality personalized content. Considering statistics, 84% of users expect from brands to create educational and engaging content for them.

There is much to say about content because the content is the “Key”. You can have different strategies for quality contents and get links, and without links, you can’t rank on page 1. Some of these Google trends aren’t mattered (like Rank Brain, Voice Search, and Mobile-First algorithm) if you are not on the Google first search page. In a nutshell, “Better contents have better ranking results.”


Going beyond Google search

2019 will show us that we can’t only take into account Google but also other ‘engines’ as well. Strong SEO need to be multi-dimensional and you need to know whenever and however people are searching. This simply means you should answer the various needs of customers. For example, if they are searching for specific videos, you need to look where people search for those kinds of things like YouTube or if they search for applications, it seems you need to look in application stores.

Consider this sentence: “Think beyond driving users to your website.”

It means in 2019 we must consider optimizing for all devices, not just websites, to create the most efficient and engaging website or content to meet the user’s needs.


UX design

Having a user-friendly website help us to reduce bounce rate and high rank on search engine result page. You can optimize your website with some elements like heading tags, clear navigation menu,… UX is the way, that users can have a good feeling about your website. Lots of research in UX (User Experience) field show us that:

  • 70 percent of customers learn the company base on the website itself or us, not the advertisements for our company.
  • 83 percent of users like having a seamless experience of our website on all mobile and non-mobile devices.

As an UX designer, we should always follow simplicity and quality to present the contents simultaneously. Most people don’t use technical terms of UX in the way we use them.

  •  Don’t limit yourself to specific tools and software; test other tools or any that can direct you to the best results.
  •  Ask for honest feedback about your designs and listen to them carefully and learn from your mistakes, because this is the key for a successful designer.



Branding as your reputation

Your brand trustworthy has a sensible impact on Google to show your web page desirably. Backlinking is a common method to show your reliability as a brand. Backlinking means that other external websites link to your website, which is the same to Google voting, the more votes you got, more success and legitimacy you achieve for your website. One of the methods to show the visitors that you are the one and only, is the direct traffic headed towards your web page. You can climb further and higher on the search engine result page when more traffic (visitors) are headed to your web page.

Some methods to highlight your image brand:

  • Ordinary mentioning your brand name through the web
    good activity on social media (like customer support on social channels)
  • Reaching the social media influencers to report your brand well

Keeping these methods together helps to show your brand as a well-trusted brand and your existence to Google.


Google Rank Brain

Rank Brain is an AI learning system which Google use to categorize search results. You should keep in mind that this system is not new, but the elements of this system were always just as important. Rank Brain focuses on two main factors:

  • How much time the visitor spends on your page (Dwell Time)
  • Percentage of peoples that click on your search result (Click through Rate)

Rank Brain is still playing an important role in Google’s powerful algorithm, so increasing these factors for your webpage will always be trendy. For example, If you are searching for a subject and Google shows you the search results, as you can see if the result has good information and is worthy for reading, Google will boost up that search result with Rank Brain’s algorithm.


Website Security

After Google security update, Websites with less security will load with a red alert warning and will show less favorably
in the ranking of Google. This is a sign that shows us Google is going to ensure our security on the web. In HTTP websites our data are more vulnerable to hack or hijack. On other hands, HTTPS websites give us a higher level of security on the web.

GDPR is some regulations about online privacy which is passed in the European Union and Google as a big company must comply with GDPR regulations like other companies. Now, Google attempts to keep personal user data only for 26 months after it was collected and as another change, site owners can delete the individual data upon user request.

If your website is properly unsecured and gives the users and customers security alert, then you should consider you will have a high bounce rate (back to search engine result page) because peoples want to be in safety even on the web. Enabling HTTPS protocol is an example of tightening your web security.


New video carousels

If you did not already put your faith into video marketing as a must, now you have proof to believe in it. The new video carousel version has eight separate listings that mean you can have more entries. Since visual material can be more engaging and effective than written content, why wouldn’t you use this as a good opportunity to attract?

If you want to have a successful video carousel, that should be a mix of good keyword research, then formulate to likely questions and after all structuring your video’s title and description. For Example: ‘How to’ videos have a very good output.


Optimize yourself to the latest version

Once you created your own website or app on your favorite device, optimizing your website or application based on new changes and trends will be an essential and successful method and can help you achieve the top.

Nowadays, with raising more competition among online websites, the more adaptable one to changes and the one which has a better solution for customers can win the competition. Local and professional businesses in their field want to attract and capture customers closer to their area of business.


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