10 WordPress Plugins That Writers Can’t Ignore

A WordPress site is a fantastic tool for writers and serves as the perfect platform for bringing your creative content to a wide audience.

However, once you throw in scheduling, social media, spam protection and copyright, the WordPress admin can start to feel overwhelming.

Luckily there are WordPress plugins to simplify your life. These are the best plugins for writers, once you utilize these tools you can focus on what you do best – your writing.


WordPress Plugins That Writers Can't Ignore

Here is the list of ten WordPress plugins that writers can't ignore:


WordPress to Buffer

As a writer, your social media presence is one of the things that brings your writing to the world. It’s an essential part of getting yourself out there, but sometimes it can begin to feel like a bit of a chore. Buffer allows you to streamline your social content, scheduling posts so you don’t have to think about it.

The WordPress to Buffer plugin turns a valuable tool into an essential one by broadening Buffer’s scope. Now you can schedule your WordPress articles for sharing across all your channels, in a few simple clicks.


Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts | WordPress Plugins That Writers Can’t Ignore

Revive Old Posts is another way of automating your social feeds to stay active, maximizing engagement with your audience.

Producing fantastic content day in day out can feel like an impossible challenge, but as a writer you’re fortunate to have a back catalogue of content to draw from.

Revive Old Posts shares past content with new followers, automatically. This streamlines your social feeds and lets you concentrate on your writing.


Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress gives you a fantastic overview of your blogging schedule for the month, providing a visualized calendar for when each and every past and future post is going up.

You’ll be able to track your posting schedule so easily with this plug-in, and optimize your posting.

“One of the main benefits of the Editorial Calendar plugin is the ease with which you can change things up.

Simply drag and drop your posts from one day to the next to shake up your schedule,” says Janet Smith, writer at State Of Writing and Academized.



MonsterInsights | WordPress Plugins That Writers Can’t Ignore

Any writers running a WordPress would be foolhardy to ignore analytics.

Scraping that data about views, clicks and demographics is essential if you want to grow your writing practice and curate your content to your audience.

MonsterInsights is a powerful analytic tool that allows you to do just that.

By linking your WordPress site with your Google Analytics account through MonsterInsights, you’ll have all that data in one place.

You’ll discover which keywords are bringing users to your site, how they’re behaving and what you can do to optimize your site for sales.



WPForms is one of the most functional WordPress form building plugins and the way this simplifies your forms is going to change your life.

By effortlessly creating the perfect forms for your WordPress site, you’re going to have the tools for collecting your readers’ email addresses, payment details and offer stylish order forms that encourage folks to buy.

The format of drag-and-drop form creation is quick to use, but WPForms doesn’t sacrifice customizability for functionality so you can still create something that’s unique to you and your brand. An essential plugin for all writers’ WordPress sites



As a writer, your newsletter is a big part of your brand and expanding your lists should be at the top of the agenda for growing your writing practice.

Opt-in forms really encourage readers to sign up, enabling you to expand your audience rapidly, and OptInMonster is a plugin designed to help you do just that.

There are loads of built in tools to help you with your lead generation, such as multiple formats for offering free ebooks and ready-made CTAs for you to hook your readers with.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or an old hand, OptInMonster is a functional plugin that will have you growing your list in a few clicks.



One of the most rewarding things for a writer is the comments that flood in on your posts, but when these are frowned out by spam it can become an exhausting task to filter the genuine comments from the fluff.

Akismet is a great plugin that does the hard work for you, automatically removing spam comments so you only have the real deal below the line.

“Akismet works so well, you may never see another spam comment,” says Marian Diggs, WP expert at Essay Services and BoomEssays. “These guys have been at the top of their game since 2005, and they revitalized my blog.”


WP Inject

No matter how good your writing is, a few images are going to bring your blogs to life.

WP Inject allows you to inject a splash of color onto your WordPress site, breaking up the text, optimizing readability and engaging your audience all the more.

With WP Inject it becomes effortless to integrate high quality graphics and imagery, taking your site to the next level.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO | WordPress Plugins That Writers Can’t Ignore

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all, and anyone running a WordPress site can benefit from the tools that it brings to your SEO game.

Available in free or premium, depending on how sophisticated you want to get, Yoast brings you the SEO tools that will allow you to expand your audience and turn your site into a magnificently popular writing hub.


Copyright Proof

For writers, your intellectual material is your product so protecting this should be a priority.

Copyright Proof offers full cover for your written creations, ensuring you can claim copyright, prove your ownership and if need be challenge anyone who’s claiming your work as their own.

Every post is certified and signed off, so you have the papertrail to back your claims up.


Wrapping Up

As a writer, your WordPress site is one of the most valuable tools you have for growing your practice, widening your audience and monetizing your skill.

There are so many WordPress plugins out there that’ll simplify your admin and let you focus on what you do best – writing great content that your audience loves.


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