The Booking module is one of the most important features in MEC Pro, which adds an online reservation option to events once it is enabled from the MEC dashboard menu. The MEC booking system supports various features that can be accessed from your dashboard after it has been enabled.

MEC Booking Module

Key Features

Download File

Once the booking is done, users can be redirected to a certain page or have them download a file

Custom Booking Form

The booking form can be customized so the admin can set the fields based on the information needed

Booking Limitations

Bookings can be limited by user IP to limit the number of bookings each user can make

Tax Features

Tax can be applied to events, and users can pay for events based on the country's tax laws


The discount can also be set to WordPress roles to give exclusive discounts to each role separately

Custom Email

The content of the emails sent to users can be customized to suit your events best

SMS Message

The SMS feature is now available for the admins to receive a message once a booking is made.

Family Tickets

The Family Ticket feature can be used to sell tickets to a group of people or a family, for instance

Ticket Variations

Ticket variations can be set up to provide extra options for attendees at the venue, like food or drinks

Pricing Variations

If you want to set a lower price for the final days before the event ends

Booking 1

Secure Registration & Payment
Processing Options

MEC offers a secure payment processing system integrated with multiple payment gateways like Square, PayPal (standard and express), Stripe, and Pay Locally. It also works with WooCommerce and all the gateways available through WooCommerce.

Here are some details about
Booking Module:

  • Displaying the calendar in dropdown, calendar, checkbox, or calendar format
  • Selling tickets in a batch (Family Ticket feature)
  • Displaying the booking form in a specific period after the start
  • Setting up ticket cancelation rules
  • Setting up user registration rules after booking
  • Setting up user access limit rules
  • Booking simplification capabilities
  • Setting up a thank you page for the end of the booking process
  • Creating an invoice for customers
  • Creating access for different user roles
  • Express Attendees Form
  • Displaying the number of bookings made
  • Displaying the number of remaining tickets
  • Booking verification and booking confirmation customization
  • Shortcodes for event pages
  • Assigning discount codes
  • Assigning taxes
  • Ticket variation feature for complementary services
  • Booking form customization
  • MEC Cart as an alternative to Woo Cart
  • Partial Payment
  • Event payment customization
  • Assigning unlimited tickets to events
  • Booking deadline at a specific time before the event start
  • Booking limit
  • Organizer payment
  • Booking form customization for each event
  • Minimum booking limit
  • Giving access to download files
Booking 2

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