Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

We thoroughly reviewed all the best WordPress event calendar plugins, and it's clear that if you're looking to build a robust event management site, these three options are your top choices.
Compare them all at once in a glance to find the best fit for your needs.

Comparison Table

Free Version
Price $79 /y $99 /y $29
Premium Support Yearly Yearly 6 Month
Single day events
Multiple day events
All day events
Full Calendar view
Monthly calendar view
Daily view
Weekly view
Countdown view
Grid & cover view
Slider & carousel view
List View
Event locations system
Event venue & organizer system
Event Sponsor
Multiple organizers
Front-end Event Submission
Never end events
Event widgets & sidebar
Custom sidebar
Recurring/Repeating events
Shortcodes generator
Direct/Modal link for single event
Show/Hide option for search bar
Filtering options
Google calendar integration
Reporting dashboard
Local time
Manage Notifictions
RSS feed
Schedule for single event
Download .ics file
Social share icons
Custom Color
Search Bar Shortcode
Schema Ready
Woo Payment Integration
QRcode module
Reminders notification
Organizer Payment
Customizable Notifications Emails
Complete Repeating
Ticket price per date
Customizable Timetable
Import .ics file
Auto Update
Map view + Directions
Agenda view
Masonry view
Timetable view
Available spot
Ticketing system
Booking system
Booking form builder
Booking Calendar
Weather module
Ticket Cart Page
Partial Payment
Backend Calendar
Event gallery
Ticket And Invoice Templates
Invoice Management
Fast And Easy Check-In
QR Check-in App
Elementor Single Builder
Elementor Shortcode Builder
Elementor Form Builder
Elementor Shortcode Designer
Elementor FES Builder
Divi Single Builder
Gutenberg Single Builder
Virtual Events
Zoom Integration
Webex Integration
Advanced Importer
Multisite Event Sync
Zapier Integration
Event API
BuddyBoss Integration
Social Auto Poster
User Dashboard
Square Payment
Advanced Reports
Seating charts
RSVP Events
Waiting List
best wordpress event calendar plugins

What makes the best event calendar plugin for WordPress?

In order to make the right choice we should understand what we need from a good event calendar first.

We want our events to be easily scheduled on a calendar and have users then buy those events online right?

Well… That is an extremely simple description of what you should be looking for, but once you get into event management, factors like ticketing, payment gateway integration, user notification, responsiveness on mobile devices and design flexibility get really important.

On top of all of that you should pick an event calendar solution that will always be by your side when things get ugly. What if you face an issue right before an event goes online? That would surely damage your business reputation hence the importance of round-the-clock support.

We are one of the pioneers of this niche and have made sure to include all of the factors mentioned above and created the perfect guide to help you choose the best event calendar plugin for your business after closely assessing all the options on the market.

Let’s get into the details!

How to choose an event calendar tool for your business

After working closely with hundreds of businesses and analyzing their needs to create the best event calendar solution, we have compiled a list of the most important factors that define the perfect plugin for your business.

Theme Compatibility:
Depending on the coding structure of your plugin each theme might offer some compatibility issues which is a headache on its own.

That’s why you should either make sure your theme is compatible with your calendar plugin before the purchase or pick a plugin that offers minimal theme disruption, which a calendar plugin like MEC offers both.

Customization Options:
Regardless of how many pre-made designs are already available for a calendar, you should make sure if they offer page builders for their solution as well.

Each website is unique and requires a specific design, so please double check if you have to do coding for the simplest design tweaks or the plugin offers easy solutions to your customization needs.

Let’s consider what features you need; all of those options require their own third-party integration.

From payment gateways to email automation and event management solutions or online events, you need to meticulously understand your needs and if they will be met by your plugin’s integrations.

Nowadays, due to the diverse range of devices people use to access the internet, responsiveness is critically important for a website.

Before deciding to spend a dime on any plugin or theme one of the most important steps should always be checking their demos on multiple devices first.

It might even be a good idea to see if their own website is responsive or not in the first place.

User Interface:
A calendar that is supposed to offer a great user experience on the frontend should also be user friendly on the backend.

If you have to spend a whole week understanding how to create an event, rest assured that your users will be struggling to book an event on the front end.

So make sure the company offers a refund policy so that you can work with the user interface before making your decision final.

As stated earlier, especially for solutions that directly affect your financial endeavor, it is vital that they offer round-the-clock support.

Because no matter how perfect a software is, you are going to face difficulties at some point, so it would be best to know there is a team to resolve those issues quickly before it gets too late and you end up losing money.

Best WordPress Event Calendar plugins list:

The event calendar plugins mentioned below have been selected after thorough research and examination by our developers.

We have also incorporated feedback from business owners and event organizers worldwide.
That’s why we can assure you that the list below can meet all the requirements a business like yours might need in the short term and in the long run.

Before you begin with the list, let us give you a hint.
Event management tools such as dedicated user dashboards, reporting tools, ticketing options, and the right payment gateways based on your country’s tax policies and banking requirements play crucial roles in the financial aspect.

Additionally, a dedicated page builder and a wide range of display options for locations, speakers, organizers, maps, and a reliable support team are features that might not seem critical now but will become essential as your business grows.

So keep an eye out for each and every one of them while reading the article.

Here are the 12 best WordPress event calendar plugins for a quick view:

1- Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar

The first plugin on our list of the best WordPress event calendar plugins that we want to review is Modern Events Calendar, which is certainly one of the best WordPress plugins for event management.

This plugin offers a comprehensive set of features that a WordPress event calendar should have.

Overall, if you are looking for the most powerful event management plugin that covers all your needs, Modern Events Calendar is the best option.

By choosing this plugin, you will not face a lack of features in the future as a brief look at the feature list and a comparison with other competitors shows that this plugin has more capabilities.

Alongside the main plugin, you will also find various useful add-ons in the product list of Webnus, the developer of this plugin.

However, the most important feature of this plugin is how it displays events and its excellent user interface design.

The developers and designers of Modern Events Calendar have focused on this aspect more than anything else.

They have added over 50 calendar views based on the latest design trends in the web design world, bringing a unique experience to its users.

Nonetheless, you can change the default appearance of the calendar in the settings and customize the calendar style more than ever to match your website.

All designs are fully responsive, meaning that your customers can easily view events and make reservations from various devices such as mobiles and tablets.

This plugin provides a powerful booking system with a simple builder interface to help you create calendar events quickly and easily.

Integration with Google Maps and Google Calendar gives you the opportunity to link a physical location and connect the two services to share events on both platforms.

Additionally, this plugin supports integration with PayPal and WooCommerce.

Modern Events Calendar comes with a user-friendly nature, modern design, and versatile features, making it a great choice for those looking to effectively display and manage events.

2- The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

If we look at the number of plugin installations in the repository, we see that The Events Calendar is the most popular calendar plugin there.

This plugin is installed on over 700,000 sites and has more than 2,300 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars, demonstrating its strong performance.

This plugin helps you organize your events and keep your audience informed.

With The Events Calendar, you can easily create events and share all important details like time and location.

One of the main features of this plugin is its ability to display multiple events simultaneously.

You can show events in list view, daily view, weekly view, monthly view, and map view.

One of its best features is perhaps the ability to embed Google Maps into an event.

This way, visitors can see the date and time and get directions.

The Events Calendar plugin has many noteworthy features such as recurring events.

Using this plugin, you can make your tickets available for sale or general reservation.

A positive aspect of this product is that it is easy to use for WordPress users.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to work with it.

This allows you to focus on the details of your event.

In summary, this plugin is the most popular event calendar management tool and a useful tool for WordPress website owners.

Most users find it easy to work with, and it provides a clean and professional appearance for displaying events to your audience.

3- EventOn


Another top WordPress event calendar plugin is EventOn, the number one best-selling WordPress event calendar plugin on the CodeCanyon market.

EventOn is an advanced calendar plugin for WordPress with a wide range of features.

The standout feature of this plugin is its minimalist design.

This plugin is designed to help you create, customize, and manage events directly from your WordPress dashboard.

One of the best things we loved about EventOn is its appearance customization feature.

Using the easy visual customization tool, you can design your event page to match your brand theme.

Additionally, you can include elements like images and Google Maps locations in your events.

This is a great way to facilitate finding locations and getting directions to your event venues.

The plugin also allows you to set specific repetition patterns for your events, which is useful for events that do not follow standard weekly or monthly schedules.

With EventOn, you can create events with various repetition options, and you can use its shortcode generator to display different views for your calendar.

EventOn has the capability to add more event displays by scrolling the page.

This feature is very useful for quick page loading, made possible by AJAX coding, allowing you to display some key events in the header of your page before using all the server resources.

As a strength, this plugin offers various add-ons that can be very useful depending on your needs.

However, as a drawback, it should be noted that the lack of Google Calendar synchronization and the lack of support for automatic updates are two disadvantages of this otherwise very attractive WordPress event calendar plugin.



4- Amelia

Amelia is an appointment management plugin that helps websites easily provide a comprehensive system for managing and accepting reservations and appointments. This powerful tool provides features such as an interactive calendar, online payments, email notifications and comprehensive reports, which help businesses improve their booking and scheduling processes. 


5- WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager stands out as an exceptional WordPress event manager plugin, offering a wide range of benefits for both webmasters and end-users. With its responsive and SEO-friendly design, multilingual support, and various customization options such as event previews and RSS links, WP Event Manager provides a comprehensive solution for organizing and promoting events.


6- Events Manager

Events Manager is a highly popular and efficient Event Management plugin for WordPress, providing easy event creation, booking acceptance, and attendee management. While the plugin is free, its Pro add-on offers additional support and features. With key functionalities like booking availability, calendar usage, and map integration for venue and location utilization, Events Manager allows for seamless event organization and user-friendly search capabilities. 


7- Calendarize It!

Calendarize It! Calendarize it! is a highly user-friendly and feature-rich WordPress event calendar plugin, offering easy customization through Visual Composer and a range of pre-built designs. With its affordable pricing and standout features like the Visual CSS Editor and reliable support, Calendarize it! proves to be a valuable tool for developers and designers seeking efficient event calendar solutions. 


8- Event Espresso

Event Espresso emerges as a versatile and revenue-generating WordPress event calendar plugin, suitable for a wide range of event organizers. By seamlessly integrating event submission and registration functionalities, Event Espresso empowers website administrators to easily manage events, set ticket options and prices, and provide a smooth payment experience.  


9- Timely

Timely All-in-One Events Calendar stands out as one of the most advanced and efficient WordPress event calendar plugins. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Timely simplifies the process of creating and publishing events while offering social sharing capabilities. Although it requires seamless integration between the web application and WordPress plugin, Timely's PosterBoard interface and comprehensive event management capabilities make it a valuable tool for event organizers. 

Comparison Table 2

10- Eventin

Eventin is an all-in-one WordPress events plugin that offers a feature rich solution for your events. 
Eventin focuses on providing event owners with the possibility of creating various repeating events with several event management features.
This fun plugin might not be the most popular plugin in the market, but has been welcomed tremendously by new WP users.
Eventin claims that their plugin will increase event revenue and customer satisfaction, and has supported the creation of over 50,000 events.


11- Stachethemes

Stachethemes Event Calendar offers a unique and modern approach to event management with its responsive design and user-friendly interface. Packed with a range of features like location management, photo gallery, recurring events, and WooCommerce integration, this premium WordPress event calendar plugin ensures an attractive and informative event site. With its high rating and strong support, Stachethemes Event Calendar proves to be a dependable choice for seamlessly incorporating event calendars into WordPress websites. 

Comparison Table 3

12- Event Organiser

Event Organiser provides a comprehensive solution for creating and managing events in WordPress, offering a user-friendly interface and extensive functionalities. With its high popularity and positive reviews, Event Organiser is a reliable choice, translated into multiple languages. While the free version offers features like venue creation, calendar display, and event import/export, the Pro version provides advanced capabilities such as event search, booking, and payment gateways, making it a versatile tool for organizing events effectively. 


Choosing the right event calendar plugin can have a ton of benefits for your business, but picking the wrong one can cost you a lot of precious time and money.

So it is crucial to pick a calendar solution that can effectively manage and showcase your events.

This guide has meticulously assessed various options to help you find the right event calendar plugin. Key factors such as theme compatibility, customization options, integrations, responsiveness, user interface, and support have been highlighted to ensure you make an informed decision.

By considering these factors, you can select a plugin that meets your current needs and more importantly, grows with your business.

We hope this guide provides valuable insights and assists you in choosing the perfect event calendar plugin for your WordPress site.


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