Top 3 Free Accessibility Plugins for WordPress

Improving your WordPress accessibility is essential to make your website more accessible for disabled users, and ADA compliance will also positively affect your SEO overall. 

Before opting to use a premium WordPress accessibility plugin that will boost your website in accordance with the new web guidelines, try out a couple of free accessibility plugins to become accustomed to the new plugins. 

Here are the top 3 free accessibility plugins for WordPress that you should try!


WP Accessibility Plugin

To make yourself more accustomed to the new Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and the American With Disabilities Act (ADA), you should first add WP Accessibility to your WordPress websites since it can show you what accessibility issues you may have with:

  • Your WordPress themes
  • Overall website content and core

This plugin will be like a small but crucial stepping stone into following future accessibility regulations and checking up on how your website stands. You can always enable/disable all of the features of this plugin according to your wishes; the best part is you don’t even need to have coding knowledge. 

free Accessibility Plugins for WordPress

WP Accessibility is easy to set up and use and completely free, and advanced users can use it to edit their style sheets in the WordPress theme directory. This plugin can add language and text direction attributes to help screen readers pronounce words correctly.

It can let visitors skip navigation links; this feature is also customizable and user-friendly. You can label your WordPress form fields with this plugin to help users that can’t make visual connections navigate your website more easily, and you can also add post titles to Read More links so that screen readers will know what post a link will take them to.

Another great feature is the color contrast tester which lets you know if your site complies with foreground-background contrast requirements under WCAG 2.1 or enable CSS diagnostics and check out other issues in your visual editor or front end.


One Click Accessibility Plugin

If you want an accessibility plugin compatible with most WordPress themes, then Once Click Accessibility is a great option. It was designed for the Pojo Themes, but now you can use it on any theme, and it’s completely free and user-friendly with no prior coding knowledge required.

It will help your website visitors contact you in regard to accessibility issues as it gives them a toolbar that is very easy to use. You can add links to the Sitemap, Feedback, or Help pages. The Once Click Accessibility plugin is highly customizable, and you can highlight the toolbar on any device, including phones and tablets. 

Visitors can use the toolbar to resize fonts, and those that have dyslexia have the option of using the readable font option, which makes any font more easily readable. With the high and negative contrast features, users can distinguish your content and background colors which are especially useful for colorblind people or those with poor eyesight. 

This plugin has many more features, including the link role adder and outline focus, and can help users skip menu navigation to get to the main content they're looking for.


WP Accessibility Helper

If you want to scan all your WordPress site pages and posts for accessibility issues, then the Document Object Model scanner from WP Accessibility Helper (WAH) is the way to go. This free accessibility plugin has limited features as it also has its premium version, but you can use those free features to get more accustomed to accessibility issues.

Similar to the last plugin mentioned above, the WP Accessibility helper can let users change fonts or resize them for easier readability. You also have sidebar dark/light customization options, CSS unloader or the CSS animation remover for certain disabled users, link highlighting options for easier maneuverability, or contrast mode options for readability. No matter what free accessibility plugin you choose, consider using a premium one in the future for better results and SEO.


What Do Accessibility Plugins for WordPress Do?

Accessibility plugins are tools designed to enhance the accessibility of websites, making them more inclusive and user-friendly for individuals with disabilities or impairments. 

These plugins typically integrate with content management systems like WordPress, providing additional features and functionalities that improve accessibility. 

Here are some common functions performed by accessibility plugins:

Alternative Text For Images

Accessibility plugins help ensure that images on a website have alternative descriptive text (alt text). Alt text provides a textual description of images, allowing users with visual impairments or those who use screen readers to understand the image's content.

Keyboard Navigation

Many accessibility plugins focus on improving keyboard navigation on websites. They enable users to navigate through various elements of a website using keyboard-only controls, as some individuals may have mobility impairments that prevent them from using a mouse.

Color Contrast Enhancement

Plugins for accessibility often include features that enhance color contrast. This is particularly important for individuals with visual impairments or color blindness, as it ensures that text and other elements are distinguishable and readable.

Text Resizing And Font Adjustments

To accommodate users with visual impairments, accessibility plugins may provide options for resizing text or adjusting font styles and sizes. These features allow individuals to customize the appearance of text to suit their needs.

Content Structure And Markup

Ensuring proper HTML markup and content structure is important for accessibility. Some plugins can automatically check and modify the structure of headings, links, lists, and other content elements, ensuring they comply with accessibility standards.

Assistive Technology Support

Accessibility plugins often aim to improve compatibility with assistive technologies like screen readers or voice recognition software. They ensure that the website's content is properly interpreted and presented by assistive technology tools, making it more accessible to individuals who rely on them.

Accessibility Auditing And Reports

Some accessibility plugins include auditing and reporting features that scan a website for accessibility issues and generate reports highlighting areas that need improvement. This helps website owners identify and fix accessibility barriers, ensuring ongoing compliance with accessibility standards.



Ensuring accessibility on your WordPress website is crucial for creating an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all visitors. 

By integrating these accessibility plugins into your WordPress site, you can take significant steps towards creating an inclusive digital environment.

However, it's important to remember that accessibility plugins should be used in conjunction with other accessibility best practices, such as providing descriptive alt text for images, using proper heading structures, and testing your website's accessibility regularly.

Continuously striving to improve accessibility and seeking feedback from users with diverse abilities will ensure your website remains inclusive and welcoming to all.

Embrace the power of these top three free accessibility plugins and make your WordPress site a more accessible and inclusive online destination.


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