How to Run Successful Marketing Strategies With Lead Capture Pages

As innovative technologies get introduced to marketing, the strategies of this evolving industry are reaching new heights.

As lead enrichment data becomes one of the most talked-about topics in the advertisement field, businesses must implement new solutions to keep up with the advancements in highly-competitive industries such as marketing.

While most businesses understand the importance of websites, not many of them focus on lead capture pages.

That’s why we’ve decided to shed some light on these special pages and how they can affect the success rate of a business. Read on to learn everything about lead capture pages and their multiple significant roles!


About Lead Capture Pages

Before we discuss how a business can incorporate a lead capture page, it’s essential to say something more about what these pages stand for.

A lead capture page is a special page designed to collect information about leads connected to a particular business. In most cases, lead capture pages collect information such as name, phone number, email address, and other essential information about leads.

Lead Capture Pages

Why would anyone need to collect such information? Well, collecting this vital information can help businesses establish a relationship with their leads and create successful marketing strategies.

The collected information can be used as a solid foundation for developing a business marketing funnel, strengthening the relationship between businesses and their customers.

Lead capturing is also important if you're doing affiliate marketing. Tools like 12 Minute Affiliate, make it easy to create a landing page to capture leads.

As you can assume, not many people will jump at the thought of sharing their personal information with businesses. That’s why companies must think of effective strategies that’ll motivate users to share their private details.

The best way to do so is by creating rewards for shared information. The balance between asking for information and handing out the rewards is a fine art, so that’s where the optimization of lead capture pages comes into play.


Difference Between Lead Capture Pages and Homepages

It’s important not to mix lead capture pages with homepages because these page types have very different use cases.

On the one hand, a homepage is created to inform and educate potential customers about all available products and services within a business. A typical homepage consists of:

  • A medium explaining the products or services;
  • A full list of product and service features;
  • Links to other pages on the website;
  • Several CTA buttons;
  • Navigation;
  • Social media links;
  • Contact information.

On the other hand, a lead capture page is a post-click landing page that focuses on promoting a single offer at a time. It typically includes:

  • A summary of a product or service;
  • A medium describing the product or service;
  • Lead capture forms;
  • A contrasting CTA button;
  • Customer testimonials.


What to Include on Lead Capture Pages

When creating a lead capture page, you have to ensure the page has the following elements in place:

  • A unique and attention-grabbing headline: An attention-grabbing headline will motivate more visitors to check out the presented content and stay on the page;
  • An optimized lead capture form: These forms must be optimized and organized to be easily converted;
  • A CTA button: The color-contrasting CTA button affects the final decision of visitors and motivates them to proceed;
  • Relevant images: Photos, videos, custom graphics, and other forms of visual content make for a better lead capture page;
  • Relevant copies: Landing page copies go into greater detail about lead capture offers or intrigue customers to affect their decision;
  • Customer testimonials: Customer reviews and experiences help potential customers become aware of the numerous product and service qualities;
  • Customer badges: Showcasing famous company logos that have used your services is the best way to show legitimacy and reliability to new website visitors;
  • Trust seals: There’s nothing more important than ensuring secure cashless payments. Because of that, trust seals can reassure visitors the brand will keep their payment information private and secure.


Optimizing Lead Capture Pages

However, a lot goes into creating an engaging and effective lead capture page – having the main elements presented on the page simply isn’t enough.

However, you can create all-time winning lead capture pages by optimizing your forms. When optimizing your pages, focus on the following elements:


Position of The Form

While most businesses see the position of the form as a simple feature of the design, it can play a significant role in the success of your lead capture.

For short-form post-click landing pages, the form should be positioned above the fold.

For long-form post-click landing pages, you should place the form both above and below the fold. That way, your customers will have easy access without having to waste their time scrolling.


Length of The Form

The form length plays one of the major roles in collecting valuable information. For instance, shorter forms will collect more leads because they don’t require much time.

However, the collected information doesn’t provide better insights because it doesn’t require plenty of personal information.

Contrary to that, longer forms collect fewer leads, but these leads are packed with useful information regarding your customers. Both forms come with their pros and cons, so you should choose between the two depending on the situation.


The CTA Button

You mustn’t underestimate the importance of the CTA button. In fact, the success of your lead capture will primarily depend on the effectiveness of your CTA button. Follow the following tips for making the most out of your CTA:

  • Place your CTA button at the bottom of your lead;
  • Use contrasting colors to make the CTA button pop;
  • Make your CTA noticeable by using other design elements;
  • Make the CTA button written with a personalized copy.



Your lead capture pages will be only as successful as your strategy. Thankfully, with the right campaign execution, you can receive all the benefits from lead capture.

Once you create, strategize, and develop your lead capture campaigns, you’ll reach a whole new level of success with your business.


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