9 Best Free WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugins

Google Shopping ads are one of the best approaches for expanding the WooCommerce product's visibility. Google displays all the product-related information thoroughly via Google Shopping advertisements. As a result, there is a vast chance to increase conversion rate and sales outcome.

As a WooCommerce store owner, you must be willing to place your products on search engine result pages. Also, Google should be your first priority since it is the search engine giant that brings in a notable amount of traffic that is enough for competing in the marketplace.

However, to show WooCommerce products in Google shopping Ads, you must have a Google Merchant Center account and then add items to it. But to add products to Google, you have to take the support of WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin. Therefore, we will go through some of the best free WooCommerce Google product feed plugins in this article.

Why Should you Use Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads take product promotion one step further. Because Shopping ads are informative as well as appealing. Shopping Ads are not similar to classic text ads, and these ads are more effective since customers are already getting information before entering your store.

Customers are getting product names, pricing info, reviews and ratings, and more links in shopping ads. Therefore, leads generated via shopping ads are more qualified, and conversion rates are higher because customers are directed to your WooCommerce store with a clear buying intention.

The technique of creating Google Shopping advertisements is likewise distinct from Google's standard text ads. Google Shopping ads are dependent on the WooCommerce google product feed that you submit into Merchant Center.

Unlike text ads, shopping ads are displayed based on the keywords that you set according to customers' search queries. The product feed should meet Google’s criteria and standards to ensure that it is correct and updated continuously. Ultimately, Google decides whether or not to show your product advertising based on the relevancy of a search query.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Before heading to the list of the best WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugins, you should learn about the benefits of Google Shopping Ads. Only then will you understand why these ads have created hype among the WooCommerce store owners.

Improved Product Visibility

Featuring your items on Google Shopping advertisements will increase their visibility regardless of the size of your brand. In fact, attracting new clients is a time-consuming and difficult process that entails many marketing initiatives. It's common to have to get to know your consumer base before they'll buy from your WooCommerce store.

When Google is exposing WooCommerce products through Google Shopping Ads, you are bypassing this time-consuming procedure. Customers who find your product via SERP are more likely to make a purchase, even if your brand is unfamiliar.

Reach A Wider Audience

Google Shopping Ads can assist you in grabbing a larger audience, which may be anyone leveraging the search engine to get info about your shop's items.  In contrast to text advertising, you will not have to bother about selecting the appropriate keywords. The relevancy of a display ad for Google shopping advertisements is assessed by Google's algorithm rather than your clever estimate using a list of keywords.

This ensures that your items attract a larger segment of the audience rather than targeting certain individuals.

Get Filtered Leads

Google Shopping Ads are far more insightful than typical text ads. This is due to the fact that those ads contain essential metadata of the product, such as price, rating patterns, images, and so on. That information is essential for the majority of the buyers.

A prospective consumer might learn a great deal about the items and alternatives by simply looking at the Ads. As a result, when a consumer wants to click the ads, they are fully aware of the products and all possible angles. As a result, the lead is filtered and effective.

Get More Conversions

When you are getting quality leads, it will result in higher conversion rates for your shop. While comparing the two different types of Google Ads (Text & Sopping), this has been a constant observation. According to research, Google Shopping Ads covert more (25% more) consumers compared to text ads. This implies that your return on investment will be substantially higher when your items are featured on Google Shopping advertisements.

Easy to Handle

You must develop a product feed from your online business in order to be included on Google Shopping. In comparison to other marketing initiatives, the procedures you need to do as a shop owner are rather straightforward. To have your items appear in Google Shopping advertisements, you must do the following:

  • We recommend you create an email address dedicated to your business.
  • Create your business account in Google Merchant Center
  • Based on product specification, create a product feed file utilizing the WooCommerce product feed plugin
  • Upload the Google shopping feed file to Google Merchant Center
  • Connect the Google Merchant Center and Ads account.
  • Create shopping campaigns with ads and properly schedule them.

Best Free WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugins

Since we are talking about the WooCommerce platform, we'll go through some of the best and free WooCommerce Google Product Feed Plugin, which you can use to craft the perfect product feed file.

CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Plugin

CTX Feed is an outstanding Product Feed Plugin to spread your product feed for different marketing channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram. This plugin makes your product feed creation process hassle-free. It supports 100+ marketing channels where you can promote your WooCommerce products. When it comes to Google shopping feed files, you can create them within a few clicks since there is a pre-made template for it.

You can auto-update and schedule updates in the feed file according to our preference. Also, you can create a product feed in multiple languages due to WPML compatibility. Furthermore, you can create your own custom feed template and create the feed file in different formats such as TXT, CSV, XML, etc.


  • Create Unlimited Product Feed File for any marketing channel
  • Create the feed file for any number of product
  • Create your feed file in your preferred language
  • A user-friendly user interface to manage your feed file
  • From pre-made templates leverage Google shopping to create Shopping Ads

ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping (Google Product Feed)

Elex WooCommerce Google Shopping free plugin allows you to create a feed of your items so that they may be shown on Google Shopping. It enables you to create product feeds in a variety of file formats, including TSV, XML, and CSV.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to schedule feed updates so that your product information is always constantly updated in Google listings. Besides, the plugin facilitates the smooth mapping of WooCommerce product categories with Google's product category format, as well as the establishment of rules and criteria during mapping.


  • Craft an infinite number of WooCommerce product feeds to create the perfect Google Shopping Ads.
  • Supports numerous file formats as well as regions
  • The feed can be updated on a regular basis by using the schedule function.
  • Effective attribute mapping.
  • Handle multiple product feed files with ease

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager

WooCommerce Google Feed Manager is yet another excellent tool to create the google shopping feed file. The primary feature of this plugin offers you pre-configured Google Shopping Feed Parameters. As a result, you can create and submit feed files as soon as you install this plugin.

You will, however, be able to make more changes and have more control over how your items are shown in Google Shopping advertisements. This plugin's free version allows you to create a feed file with only 100 products. This is why you can check out the premium version that provides additional options.


  • Create accurate feed file to create Google Shopping Ads
  • Pre-built settings will make submitting the feed a breeze
  • Optional enhancements to the feed.
  • The ability to schedule updates on a regular basis.

Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

Wyomind Simple Google Shopping allows you to export quickly and safely a valid and well-structured data feed of your complete catalog of products from your WooCommerce website to your Google Merchant Account thanks to Wyomind Simple Google Shopping, a plugin built by a Google partner.

This module is highly configurable; it allows exporting a product catalog to Google Merchant and using it for Google Ads.
It includes advanced filters, easy category mapping, and scheduled tasks to automatically and regularly update and generate your data feeds.


  • Create data feeds in compliance with Google requirements
  • Fully customize data feeds according to your products catalog
  • Use scheduled tasks to automate the data feed generation
  • Easily find the Google categories that correspond to yours

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

Product Feed Pro is a renowned plugin that comes in both free and premium versions. It allows you to create a product feed for various marketing channels including Google Merchant Center, Facebook for Business, and more. There are over 100 templates available to create feed files easily.

The plugin accepts variable products and provides a comprehensive product filtering option for your feed file. Furthermore, there is no restriction on how many products or feeds you prefer to add with this amazing WooCommerce plugin.


  • Make product feeds for various marketing platforms.
  • You can make as many products feeds as you like.
  • Field and attribute mapping are straightforward.
  • Templates are already configured for users' convenience.

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

WooCommerce Product Feed Manager plugin is made to minimize your product feed management for a variety of marketing channels like Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamics, eBay, and others. You can also utilize the templates of this tool to build feed files for over 160+ marketing channels.

The module even has the ability to auto-sync with Google Shopping, ensuring that your feed is refreshed on a regular basis. In addition, the plugin includes a lot of filtering capabilities. Though the free version allows you to add only 50 products, but the premium version is outstanding


  • Provides a fast way to create product feeds for various channels.
  • Over 168 pre-built templates to help you get up and running swiftly.
  • Advanced Filtering options are available.
  • Sync your products automatically with Google Merchant Center

WooCommerce Google Product Feed

WooCommerce Google Product Feed this plugin, you can submit up to 40 products from your WooCommerce store to Google Merchant Center. It creates an XML file of your WooCommerce items that you may upload to Google Merchant Center. Once your items are listed on Google Merchant Center, there's a good chance they'll appear as shopping advertisements on search engine results pages (SERP).

Keep in mind that you can submit your WooCommerce items one at a time while utilizing this plugin. The plugin generates the forms with the necessary to submit in Google Merchant Center.  You should also consider using the premium edition of this plugin that allows you to submit multiple products at once.


  • Create Google Shopping Feed file with less effort
  • Update your Google Feed file automatically
  • Generate a form for Google Merchant Center

Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed plugin enables you to use your WooCommerce products to generate a live feed for Google Merchant Center. It allows you to add a high number of product fields in the feed, allowing you to provide extremely thorough information about WooCommerce products.

Furthermore, the plugin makes it simple to link WooCommerce product data to Google's requirements. Additionally, users will be able to add data by adding new data fields. You can also utilize this plugin to generate a product review feed and a Bing feed.


  • Build error-prone feed for Google Merchant Center
  • To provide detailed product information, including extra data fields.
  • Allows product variations
  • Allows you to refresh your product feed on a consistently
  • Customize the feed file easily

YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce

With YITH Google Product Feed for WooCommerce plugin makes it simple to generate a product feed for Google Merchant Center. You'll be able to provide all of the information Google requires in order for your goods to appear in Google Shopping advertising. You may use the plugin to feature all of your items inside the Google Shopping feed file or only select product categories or tags.


  • Create a product feed with the complete product inventory, or select your preferred ones.
  • Insert Google fields that are relevant to your retail strategy.
  • Add more fields along with the regular fields.
  • Data can be overridden at the product or variant level.


Of course, there are many options out there that you can utilize to create an accurate Google Shopping Feed File. But to save you from confusion, this list of the best WooCommerce Google product feed plugin will surely take your product marketing efforts to the next level. We recommend you choose a plugin from our list that suits your preference. As a consequence, your product visibility, brand recognition, and profit will expand dramatically.


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