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How Can You Contribute with Us?

If you are interested in writing your guest posts for us, make sure to follow the terms & guidelines below:

Topics We Are Interested In:

Some Tips that Will Prioritize Your Article in Our Schedule:

How to Get Images Done for A Blog in Webnus:

As we have mentioned above, you will need at least 4 images for a guest post in our blog.

1. Featured Image

The first one is the featured image, with the blue separated template (of course you will need to provide the background image only).

Here is a sample of the final image:

7 Expert Tips for Crafting Your Perfect SEO Content Strategy

Do not forget to choose an image with a subject focus on the left side of the photo & Just make sure to check our blog before choosing an image to prevent any duplication.

2. Article Images

There are few steps that you need to take in order to get your images ready:

The only hard part about this is that you should choose at least 3 images and each of them should be related to their section (We would suggest websites like Unsplash or Pixabay with attribution-free licenses or Shutterstock images that you own).

After that, just resize them with 660px width (do not mess with the ratio), minify them with TinyPNG (remember not to minify the featured image) and download them all so you can attach them to your email.

Here is a sample of a related image in this post:


Once your article is ready, you can send it to the following email, we will get back to you with the schedule and payment instructions in less than 24 hours:

Nick [at] webnus.net