4 Reasons You Should Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your WordPress Site

WordPress offers the most trusted CMS services for businesses that wish to build an online presence via a functional website.

One of the purposes of creating a website is to make it easier for your target customers to pay for the products or services they purchase much more quickly and conveniently.

With Bitcoin's growing popularity and relevance, many businesses need to incorporate this payment method into their systems. 

Given that most websites use WordPress as their choosen CMS, it’s important to understand the benefits of incorporating Bitcoin payment into your website. Here are four key reasons you should accept Bitcoin payments on your website.

An Investment Possibility

Given the historical performance and recent rise in the value of Bitcoin, accepting Bitcoin payments can be an excellent investment for your future development. You can use your Bitcoin to buy or invest in utilities or new products for your business.

Since Bitcoin’s value keeps a promising rising trajectory, you can keep it, wait for higher prices, and then sell it. 

Even better, you can buy Bitcoin from your profit reserves and sell it when prices rise for bigger profits. The options are limitless when you start building a Bitcoin reserve.

Cheaper Fees

As a business owner, optimizing profits and minimizing costs are the primary reasons you’re in business.

Since you’re already paying renewable premium WordPress and web hosting fees, among other digital marketing charges, finding ways to cut back on expenses is best. Accepting Bitcoin payments helps you transact at much lower fees than credit card payments.

Credit card transaction fees are high and fixed, while Bitcoin fees are low and flexible depending on the market.

Bitcoin transaction fees are also covered by merchants and not the customers, as is the case with credit cards. You and the customer save something anytime you accept Bitcoin payment on your website.

No Fraudulent Chargebacks

If yours is an eCommerce site, you’ve probably had instances where customers pay using credit cards, dispute the charge, and get their money back fraudulently.

While this is a painful way to lose money after delivering products or services, you can’t keep crying and not taking action. 

With Bitcoin payment, you can now receive payments safely, and customers won’t have the option to dispute after a successful transaction.

This is because the Bitcoin network doesn’t have a central authority like banks do, so there’s nothing for customers to dispute when making payments.

Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Regardless of your business level, if you integrate Bitcoin payment into your WordPress site, you stand a greater chance to rank among big competitors in your industry.

Customers could easily choose to do business with you if you offer the one thing your competitors aren’t offering, yet it matters most to them. 

Accepting Bitcoin payment also transforms your brand image, giving customers the impression that you’re more advanced technologically than your competitors. It makes them see you as an advanced company that is well-versed in the changing technological trends.

Having your business site up and running on WordPress is one win, but having it integrated with Bitcoin as one of the payment options is a super win nowadays.

\Whether it’s investment possibilities or staying ahead of the competition that motivates you, adding Bitcoin to your website will help establish your business. 


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