10+ Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions for Screen Capture

You need to accept the fact that while browsing through the internet, at times you feel the necessity to preserve some data.

Of course, there is an option for bookmarking those pages.

But then, you cannot get access to those pages offline.

At that moment screenshots serve the purpose.

Chrome is one of the best web browsers featuring an extensive library of add-ons, offering various functionalities.

We can understand your difficulties to search for the best software reviews to find out the proper screenshot chrome extension as per your need.

Therefore, we have made a list of screenshot extensions for Google Chrome for you, hoping that you will find it meaningful, some way or the other.

Best Screenshot Extensions for Google Chrome 

Here goes the list of the top 12 best Google Chrome screenshot extensions for screen capture available on the internet.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Awesome Screenshot features a variety of robust functionalities.

With this, you can not only just capture screenshots but can even annotate them or blur out areas within.

You can share the screenshots with anyone instantly.

Besides featuring a friendly user interface, it can also be used to take screen records as an awesome screenshot screen recorder and upload the same to different project management tools like Trello, Jira and more.


10+ Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions for Screen Capture 1

Jam makes it easy to share your screen, whether you need a simple capture or a longer video.

When you need more than that, Jam offers Instant Replays, which save the last 30 seconds of your browser’s usage in the format of an easy-to-share video, in just 2 clicks. 

And in case you have a bug to report or just some technical data to gather, it auto-captures console logs, network requests and browser info, all bundled in one link.

Since it also integrates with Jira, Slack and Github, it takes no time to record and share your screen to your favorite platform.Moreover, Bird Eats Bug is another valuable Chrome extension that streamlines the process of bug reporting and resolution.

Above all, the tool enables users to create detailed bug reports, including screen recordings and annotated screenshots, simplifying the identification and fixing of bugs.

Also, BirdEatsBug integrates seamlessly with various issue-tracking and communication platforms, such as Jira and Slack, thus enhancing team collaboration. This extension is designed to save time and improve efficiency in managing and resolving bugs within projects.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Screen Capture facilitates instant capturing of an individual screen, enabling users to share them with colleagues.

Instead of just screenshots, it also allows you to record videos, add your voice message using a microphone at the time of recording.

Also, you could use several tools to turn text into video which can boost both your marketing and sales as well.

You can directly share the URL of your captured screen with your colleagues, enabling them to view it from their device.



NinjaCapture the best way to share your screen is with software that does it all for you in one place.

With NinjaCapture Software, you can easily share your screen and video when you want to, right from any device. Capture screenshots of full web pages or just a section of a page.

Opt from diverse Screencast alternatives- Visible page, Full page, Select area.

Grab all with just one click or in the count of 3. Available on Google chrome screen capture extension is readily downloadable on any device.

Ninjacapture empowers to record Audio with ease of one snick and builds a good rapport with audiences.

Ninjacapture acknowledges web camera recording to add a personal touch with the target audience. Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video recording or resume with both.


Fireshot | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Fireshot chrome screenshot extension can be considered one among the best screenshot Chrome extension available in the market.

With this, you can capture your entire screen with no added permission request.

The captured screenshots can be edited with the in-built image editor.

This is not the end of its features.

It also allows you to add text annotations besides favourite emojis.

The screenshots can be exported in various file formats, which includes PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF.

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Nimbus Screenshot allows you to capture your full web page or any part of it.

It also supports video recording from your screen as well as webcam or use this free video recording software.

Editing screenshots and adding in annotations are some of its features.

Just don’t record your screen, as you can trim and crop your screencasts.

You can also convert your videos from WebM to MP4 and GIF.


Lightshot | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

In case you are looking out for a simple and convenient screenshot Chrome extension, LightShot will be the best match.

You can capture any part of an individual page and share the same in a few clicks.

The screenshots can be saved on a disk or uploaded to the cloud for remote access.

In addition, you can search for similar screenshots and also copy the screenshot in your clipboard.


Scribe - chrome screenshot extention

Scribe is a free Chrome extension that automatically captures screenshots and writes step-by-step instructions for a process you want to document. Click “Record” in the Chrome extension and complete a process you want to share, then Scribe does the work for you.

The document is created for you, then you can edit text or modify screenshots. A Scribe can be shared via link or embedded in another tool with HTML.

If you’re taking screenshots to share a process or guide with someone, Scribe saves significant time and offers free unlimited use.


Usersnap screenshot extention for chrom

Whereas other tools in this list can be multi-purpose, Usersnap is meant for users and customers to give clear visual feedback to SaaS companies and e-commerce sites.

Not only screenshots but screen recordings and necessary metadata to see issues and feedback to solve them.

Product teams and software developers can get annotations with the specific URL, browser info, and console logs captured in the same screenshot. Great for user acceptance testing, quality assurance, and customer-generated product improvements.


qSnap | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

qSnap is the perfect screenshot Chrome extension for the users who want to get more out of their screen captures.

Multiple screen page capture is now a few clicks away from you.

The plugin enables you to take a snap of both whole and partially visible screens.

You can find the multiple captured screenshots all together in a single document.

You can edit your images by adding in-line note boxes and callouts and send it to your peers.


Blipshot | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Blipshot is one of the fastest and simplest Chrome extension for capturing screenshots with drag and drop features.

You can drag and put the captured screenshot into any folder of your choice in PNG file format.

It supports one-click screenshot to make the process quick.

The saved screenshot automatically gets named as per the webpage, date and time, facilitating easy access.

Now if you are using the latest version of Chrome, you can also capture the Flash contents on your screen.


Clipular | Best Google Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Clipular! gives the screen capturing process a new definition.

It helps you not only in taking screenshots but also in being organized.

It allows you to get the screenshots saved directly into your Google Drive by a one time configuration.

To unleash the best features of this screenshot Chrome extension, you must keep your browser up to date and not in the beta version.

You can share and group any captured-screen in chrome.

Do you want more? You are then at the right place as it enables you to instantly clip contents to your clipboard from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.



ClickUp offers an extensive list of customizable and advanced features, including a Google Chrome extension to help keep you more productive and organized.

Easily create a new task or save a website to a task, track time and attach the report in ClickUp, capture and mark up screenshots, attach emails to tasks, and use the Notepad to take unlimited notes directly in your Chrome browser.

As a freelancer, you often end up sharing these screenshots via email. It's important to use business email address for such customer interactions for higher open rates.  

Install the ClickUp Chrome extension to save time, improve your workflow, and bring five of the most used features in project management into one app.

What Is the Best Screen Capture Extension for Chrome?

These were some of the best screenshot Chrome extensions available in the market, for capturing your screen
Hope you have found the best extension from the given list, matching your specific needs and demands but our recommendation is FireShot based on our experience with it.

What Is a Good Chrome Extension for Screenshot to Text?

TextGrab is a good option. It allows you to select text from screenshots and videos alike.

Do Chrome Extensions Work in Firefox or Brave Browsers?

Yes, most of the extensions work flawlessly in both browsers. Brave is by default connected to the Chrome extension store as well.

I Had Heard Fireshot Was Hacked. Is It Safe to Use?

Yes it is completely safe. Even the Apple Store recommends it. Fireshot saves your screenshots locally on your device therefore there is no way for them to get hijacked ensuring the safety and prevention of user data breach.

How Do You Take a Full-Page Screenshot in Chrome?

You can use “Capture Entire Page” option within FireShot extension to take a full-page screenshot in chrome:

FireShot Chrome Screenshot Extension


When it comes to streamlining business processes, Google Chrome offers a plethora of useful extensions to enhance productivity. For entrepreneurs and freelancers, managing invoices is a critical part of their operations.

With the help of the best Google Chrome screenshot extensions, professionals can easily capture and annotate screenshots for their work. Additionally, pairing this with the convenience of a Google Docs invoice template can significantly improve the invoicing process.

By integrating the seamless screenshot capturing capabilities of Chrome extensions with the user-friendly invoice templates in Google Docs, individuals can efficiently create and send professional invoices, contributing to a more organized and efficient business workflow.

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    I use a good plugin for a full-page screenshot and communication for Chrome