RSVP Events

This addon allows you to create RSVPs on your website and is compatible with all your events. You can cover all your RSVP needs using this addon. With RSVP Addon you can enable users to RSVP to events through their name and email, plus having other fields and determine how many spots are needed. You can create different forms for different situations and manage users from backend.

RSVP Events 1

RSVP Events Addon

Key Features

RSVP for a whole party

Regardless of the size of the party, your attendees can set its size.

Verification and Confirmation

In addition to the email submission feature, auto-verification and auto-confirmation options have been added here.

RSVP Count & Remaining

Display the number of received and remaining RSVPs in order to entice people in your event and create a buzz.

Guest List

Using name bubbles, you can display who is attending the event.


You can set different kinds of messages for different kinds of RSVPs to be sent to the users.

RSVP Manager

Using the shortcode, you can enable logged-in users to manage their RSVP. This way they can see their RSVPs and can update RSVP.

Thank You Page

This feature gives you the option to display a page to users who have filled out the RSVP form.


You can restrict user access based on their email address, IP address, and the number of bookings they have made.

Change the RSVP

Attendees can limitlessly change their RSVP from the form.

RSVP only to logged-in Guests

You can block non-logged-in users so they can’t sign up for RSVPs and give this privilege only to those who have registered.

Maximum Size

To prevent exceeding party size, you can set a limit for allowed reservations for each guest.

Form Builder

In the RSVP form, you can set variations and custom fields, too.

Cancellation Period

This feature allows users to cancel their RSVPs within a specified period before the event starts.

Customize RSVP for each event

With this feature, you can set the forms and settings of each event individually, in addition to setting all of them up from the main settings menu.

Google Captcha

You can enable this feature to prevent spamming and improve the security of your RSVP forms.

Email Attendees

Using the RSVP addon, you can email lists, event updates or any kind of announcement to your attendees