Web Hosting Platforms for First Person Games in 2023

Always dreamed of having your very own server? Have you thought of hostings platforms for first person games? If you’re serious about gaming – you probably did. It is a good choice for various reasons. You can enjoy private games with friends, organize championships and tournaments, or even go commercial with your platform.

There are plenty of reasons why having dedicated hosting is a plus.

No matter your motivation, below you will find some reliable hosting choices. They will allow smooth gameplay with no lag and latency.


Web Hostings Platforms for First Person Games in 2022

Here's a list of hostings platforms for first person games:

hostings platforms for first person games


This is a well-recognized name in the online hosting world. This csgo server host offers a wide range of options for you to customize the Counter-Strike: GO server of your dreams. You can apply an instant setup for convenience, or if you know what you’re looking for, you can insert mods to your platform.

HostHavoc offers strong performance in games such as Counter-Strike, Rust, Garry’s Mod and more. The best part? You can switch the desired game without having to pay extra, meaning your server is multipurpose.

That means you can not only choose csgo server hosting, but also try other steam games. Many data locations in several continents will ensure a strong connection and a lag-free experience.

Complete FTP access and well-performing support for mods, plugins, and third-party APIs are the reasons why you should decide on this web hosting platform. Still unsure?

How about stable uptime, regular server backups, and billing options such as PayPal and even crypto? The choice is obvious, if you want everything tailored to your needs.


Amazon GameLift

Amazon’s take on becoming the best game server host out there. They implement their AWS and Cloud technology to provide gamers with an experience like never before. Strong data protection and great price performance are the key elements of their servers.

Amazon GameLift allows you to scale your server with countless instances in a short period of time. They have 15 servers spread out on 5 different continents, meaning you won’t encounter any problems when learning how to play with friends on your own platform. Full configuration in terms of CPU, memory, and capacity is included.

hostings platforms for first person games

If your top priorities include simplicity, top-level flexibility, and crossplay, Amazon GameLift should become your best friend. Their service allows you to track data, the session directory, and each user’s analytics. You’ll love all these features if you’re a statistical and mathematical geek!



The services of this provider will exceed all your expectations. Ensure strong connection and peak performance with their servers suitable for various software programs and video games. OVHcloud’s servers rely on the third-gen of AMD Ryzen with ZEN-2 architecture to provide the smoothest experience possible.

With their servers spread worldwide, you will be able to pick the option closest to you for the smallest latency.

A generous 500 GB of data backup storage, DDoS protection to keep you away from downtimes, and 1Gbps bandwidth are what you’ll receive. If you want to rent a local hosting to play with friends, and don’t really care about going global with your server, this might be a solid choice for you.


Citadel Servers

Having strong hardware and the latest network technology, this game server hosting will meet all your extraordinary needs. Tons of configuration options, quick setup time and instant optimization are some of the strong points of this provider.

This host will provide you with all your server requirements in popular titles like ARK, Sniper Elite 3, Rust, Sandbox and 7 Days to Die. It might be the best 7 days to die server host available in 2022. If you’re looking for a secure network, DDoS protection and a generous discount for your purchase, Citadel Servers should be your choice.

If security is your top priority, you should go for this 7 days to die server hosting service.

The 1 Gbps bandwidth ensures top speed and flawless performance, so you never have to worry about lag again. Moreover, Citadel Servers offers constant monitoring of the network at all times. If you end up sticking with their service, a 10% discount for a 12-month order will be the cherry on top.


Google Cloud

Server hosting is simplified. With Google Cloud, your server for online games setup will be easier than ever. Just like every Google product, this service offers a simple control panel for all your needs and a simple layout. If you’re fairly new to the hosting topic, consider this a reasonable option for newbies.

A strong, efficient network and auto-scaling tailored to your needs are the main benefits of this host. With more than 24 regions available and a maximum capability of 3.8 GHz, Google will surely become your gaming buddy.

hostings platforms for first person games

If you don’t care all that much about complex settings and in-depth stats, and simply want to enjoy stable web hosting, go for Google. They offer seamless scaling for daily peaks, a user-friendly interface, and exceptionally simple management. With these features, all your technical struggles will go away.



The first moment of setting up your own server can seem tough and time-consuming, but once you get over the initial setup, it will be very much worth it. The idea of being able to play with your favorite friends and enjoy some FPS action in real-time should be your encouragement!

Now that you have an idea of what the hosting market has to offer, you should choose one service according to your preferences and technical requirements and build your own server.

Be sure to pay attention to location, network protection, and customer service for quick tips on customization and setup. During the choice, also consider your experience and technical ambitions – some options may be more complex than others, and no need to go for features you don’t really need.

Good luck on your journey, and remember – invite your friends to the party!


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