7 Best WordPress Practices for Students in Preparation for Writing a Dissertation

Creating a website is a requirement for the success of online businesses.

WordPress has become popular among business owners as it dominates content management systems.

However, in addition to its relevance in businesses, WordPress is also becoming a useful resource for students in dissertation writing.

It has a dashboard that has a clear interface to customize designs and educate the audience.


Best WordPress Practices for Students in Preparation for Writing a Dissertation

This post discusses seven WordPress practices that students should consider as they prepare to write a dissertation.


Ease of access

User experience can be enhanced by making the content easy to access.

The website designers should appealingly create a website and ensure that the layout is clear with good quality content.

Having search options and good-quality content can enable the students to enhance the quality of their dissertation.

Everything must be well-labeled and easy to navigate.

The users will be quick to determine that the website has all the necessary information.

In most cases, students have time constraints and they need a site that they can easily navigate as they compile their papers.


A Responsive Design

A good website is compatible with all platforms, screen sizes, devices, and orientations to boost user experience.

One of the best ways of having a responsive website design is by using web design services.

Most students access the internet via mobile devices, and therefore, it is important to ensure that the website can function across various devices.

The idea is to cater to those who wish to do their assignments using different devices, including their mobile phones, when they are traveling.


Consider the Trends

The students should consider sites that have been developed with current trends in mind.

Users are concerned with virtual engagements when browsing so that they can remain well-informed and.

As long as the WordPress design follows the desired rules, it will serve the purpose and enable students to do their research work easily.

Considering the trend is a simple way of improving the overall design sensibility.

But the research on what's trending can take a lot of time. That's why it's a good idea to get dissertation writing help as you tackle other tasks.

This way, you'll both get the job done and stay away from the stress involved.”


Focus on User Experience

When designing a website interface, the designers should keep in mind the user experience by inquiring from them.

There should be no obstacle for users when navigating the website.

Students in college should not always worry about website navigation because they can hire a thesis helper from Edurbirdie to do their work.

With that, the quality of research and timeliness of submission will be guaranteed.

The professionals are experts in academic writing and therefore, they can develop a document from scratch.

All that the students need to do is to log in to the website and find a writer.

Many students have obtained writing help and have managed to boost their academic grades.


Focus on Code Reliability

Web developers follow best practices to ensure the maintainability, reliability, and longevity of codes.

Maintainability and longevity are proportional because lack of code sustainability may lead to a project’s failure.

Readable and robust codes can ensure the success of students' projects because they will have organized folders.

The codes should be readable by naming them based on variables, classes, and functions.


Space the Codes

Code spacing can make a difference in their readability.

The coding standards for WordPress require the addition of spaces on a string and logical operators and after commas.

The whitespaces should not appear at the code end and there should be no PHP tag at the end.

Following the coding standards will enhance the readability of codes and make the site user-friendly.

As such, students’ users may be in a better position to follow the logical presentation of the content during research.


Enhance Security

Since cybercrime has become a threat to online data and information, web developers should always enhance the website's safety.

This can be achieved through using unique passwords and usernames.

Additional plugins could also be installed as preventive measures against cyberattacks.

Some plugins constitute features such as tracking suspicious login attempts, blocking attackers and tracking spam comments.

Data security maintains the ethical codes and protects the users’ privacy.

Security of data and information is key to safeguarding the students' work by ensuring it is not manipulated or lost due to cybercrimes.



Website building requires the developers and designers to consider user experience as the final goal.

A website is not restricted to be used by customers and businesses, but it is also useful for students preparing to write a dissertation.

As such, the site should enhance experiences by being user-friendly, reliable, flexible, and intuitive.

It should also be easy to access, responsive, trendy, have sell-spaced and reliable codes, and secure.

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