Elementor FES Builder

With this add-on you can create unique FES forms for your website with custom styles using Elementor. Other options include setting the typography of the form, padding, borders, margin customization, and most importantly using colors consistent with your website. Now you can finally lay out FES forms just the way you want.

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Elementor FES Builder 1

Elementor FES Builder Addon

Key Features

Elementor Editor

Use Elementor Page Builder to create the forms you want.

Unlimited forms

Create as many forms as you like for your tickets.

Making fields required

With this addon you can decide whether a field is going to be required to fill or not.


Change the style of the form and unify it with the style of your website.

Field layout

Layout the fields in a form just like you want.

View the form in any style

Enables you to create your form as full-width or multi-column and there are no restrictions.