Elementor Shortcode Designer

This addon allows you to create shortcodes with your desired layout. You can rearrange the widgets using Elementor to achieve the desired view and place it on a page. It is possible to control the number of events displayed or even turning on/off tiny little things like the map view at the top of the shortcode. It also includes both Simple and Modal display methods and a lot more.

Elementor Shortcode Designer 1

Elementor Shortcode Designer Addon

Key Features

Exclusive Shortcode

Creating custom shortcodes with exclusive designs

Advanced Settings

All essential shortcode settings available in one page for you

Display Module

Display events in a popup view within the shortcode’s page

Accessibility and Configuration

Easy access and fully configurable just like other shortcodes

Placement of the Elements

Change the position of every element in your shortcode

Map Above the Shortcode

Access to a map above the shortcode so the end-user can find your events easier

Filter Options

Configuring the filter in order to limit the events being displayed

Search Bar

Advanced search functionality similar to other shortcodes including all the search fields in MEC