Fluent View Layouts

New skins designed for future! These skins are created based on the latest design methods to make your website so much more appealing and your visitors will surly admire it.

Fluent View Layouts 1
Fluent View Layouts 2

Fluent View Addon

The Modern Events Calendar, as the name implies, is designed in a stylish and modern way that lets you enjoy the appearance of your calendar immensely.

The team of UX/UI at Webnus always keeps an eye on the latest trends to provide their users with the most stylish designs in the best WordPress event calendar.

MEC as the best WordPress calendar of 2020 supports it in its both versions. Our Lite and Pro users can now enjoy these new skins.

As soon as you install this add-on, you see a magical eye-catching view on your calendar, which is like no other.

Fluent View Layouts 3

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Key Features

New Skins

More than 20 skins for all shortcodes and single events. Just with a click!


It’s compatible with all devices; mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Professional Filtering

Just the good old ones, with the new UI and improved UX.

Single Event Widgets

The widgets are now more stylish in the single events, giving a modern-looking look to your single event page.

More Freedom

Besides the new skins, you can have the fluent styles as well!

Optimized Accessibility

Now it is simpler and more optimized to access the events.

No Need for Special Configurations

You can choose the fluent view from the skins, just with a click!

Reservation System

The previous system with a more stylish UI and more optimized UX to let the end user communicate with your website.


1.5.0 - 13 August 2023
    Added: Checkbox to display categoriesAdded: FAQ sectionFixed: CSS issuesFixed: Booking progress titleFixed: Some minor issues

1.4.6 - 15 January 2023

  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.4.5 - 31 December 2022

  • Fixed: Dsiplay progressbar
  • Fixed: Payment section in booking form
  • Fixed: Booking module styling
  • Fixed: Display event gallery
  • Fixed: Load assets in footer option
  • Fixed: Some style issues

1.4.0 - 31 October 2022

  • Added: Disbale google fonts in fluent layouts
  • Fixed: Location in single event
  • Fixed: Search form, reset button and filters in shortcodes
  • Fixed: change category in full calendar view
  • Fixed: Integration with assets per pages feature

1.3.5 - 25 July 2022

  • Fixed: Select category in mobile (full calendar view)
  • Fixed: Show the minimum price based on tickets
  • Fixed: Display sponsor

1.3.4 - 20 June 2022

  • Fixed: Modal Booking in shortcodes (Calendars)

1.3.3 - 24 May 2022

  • Fixed: Double-slash on source codes
  • Fixed: Next/Previous Event buttons translation

1.3.2 - 16 May 2022

  • Fixed: Register button in grid view

1.3.1 - 5 May 2022

  • Fixed: RSVP form in modal
  • Fixed: Timeformat issue
  • Fixed: Monthly view date structure in mobile
  • Fixed: Display 1970 in yearly view
  • Fixed: Timetable view
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.3.0 - 2 February 2022

  • Added: An option to show the month, time, cost search fields
  • Added: Spanish translation(thanks to Eivan)
  • Fixed: An issue regarding the date on the shortcodes header
  • Fixed: Preview of the monthly calendar on mobile and tablet
  • Fixed: An issue regarding the category search field
  • Fixed: An issue regarding single event page
  • Fixed: Masonry view title
  • Fixed: Event cost
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.2.9 - 4 December 2021

  • Fixed: Multiselect issue on the search box
  • Fixed: Showing the cost on the list view style

1.2.8 - 31 October 2021

  • Fixed: Some issues regarding Monthly view responsive sizes on mobile and tablet.

1.2.7 - 18 October 2021

  • compatibility: With Modern Events Calendar Version 6.0.0
  • Improved: Full calendar view
  • Fixed: Default color on agenda view skin
  • Fixed: Auto-update message
  • Fixed: Tile view skin
  • Fixed: Link issue on masonry view skin
  • Fixed: An issue on search bar
  • Fixed: An issue regarding time in yearly view skin
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.2.6 - 29 June 2021

  • Fixed: Event link and register button
  • Fixed: Full Calendar view
  • Fixed: Carousel view
  • Fixed: Localhost widget
  • Fixed: Time issue on shortcodes
  • Fixed: Some PHP notice
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.2.5 - 10 March 2021

  • Added: Display category for all shortcodes
  • Added: Zoom Event Badge
  • Added: Virtual Event Badge
  • Added: Ability to translate weekdays
  • Added: Ability to add the custom shortcode in MEC archive pages
  • compatibility: With Modern Events Calendar Version 5.17.5
  • Fixed: An issue regarding the display method
  • Fixed: Location height
  • Fixed: Duplicated currency sign
  • Fixed: Some responsive issues on mobile & tablet
  • Fixed: Calendar booking style
  • Fixed: Multiple day events in Masonry view
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

1.2.1 - 19 October 2020

  • Improved: Speed optimization with improved fluent query

1.2.0 - 13 October 2020

  • Added: Generate custom image size for shortcodes
  • Fixed: Image generation
  • Fixed: Showing multiple day events
  • Fixed: Single event tag when tags in null
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

1.1.5 - 19 August 2020

  • Added: Custom Color Styles for single event page

1.1.0 - 12 August 2020

  • Added: Custom Color Styles for all shortcodes
  • Fixed: Auto update

1.0.5 - 3 August 2020

  • Added: Custom Data Fields
  • Improved: Booking dropdown menu style
  • Fixed: Responsive mobile issue on single event
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

1.0.4 - 5 July 2020

  • Fixed: Monthly view popup
  • Fixed: Booking form style
  • Fixed: Sidebar realize option
  • Fixed: Reason for Cancellation popup
  • Fixed: Single event Responsive mobile
  • Fixed: Month divider on list view
  • Fixed: Minimum tickets regarding display available tickets
  • Fixed: Search Category
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

1.0.3 - 11 June 2020

  • compatibility: With Modern Events Calendar Version 5.6.0

1.0.2 - 31 May 2020

  • Added: Language file
  • Fixed: License
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

1.0.1 - 20 May 2020

  • Fixed: Monthly view in Tablet/Mobile

1.0.0 - 17 May 2020

  • Initial Release