Fluent View Layouts Addon

With the MEC Fluent View Layouts addon, you can easily customize the appearance of your events and shortcodes. Enjoy a seamless experience with its new user interface and user experience. In addition, it features over 20 different skins that are compatible with your devices. These skins are designed based on the latest design trends, allowing you to transform the look of your calendar magically.

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Fluent View Layouts Addon Installation

In the first step, Ensure that both MEC (Modern Events Calendar) and the Fluent View Layouts Addon are installed and activated.

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How to install MEC and Addons?

Fluent View Layouts Style For Shortcodes

After installation, when creating a new shortcode, you can set the Style option to Fluent. Some skins have more than one type, for example, Available Spot and Cover View.

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How to create an advanced Shortcode?

First, you need to head over to the Shortcodes page and click on the Add new button. Then define a title for your shortcode and choose your preferred Skin from the dropdown. Now, choose the Fluent Style as well.

Fluent View Layouts

You can also use this addon for exclusive event shortcodes and display your events in different ways. Here you can see some examples.

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Fluent View Layouts for Single Event skin

With this addon, you’ll be able to customize your Single Event page by choosing from pre-designed skins. This will save you time and effort.

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How to add a new event

You can select the Fluent type skin in MEC Settings > Single Event > Basic and save your changes. Once you create an event, the skin will be successfully applied.

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Fluent View Layouts Styles

Also, When this plugin is enabled, You can see these options in this menu: Settings > Appearance.

  • Enabling this option removes the restrictions of layer heights in Fluent.
  • The main color of the Fluent addon, including icon color and title hover color.
  • This item manages secondary colors, i.e., the colors for items that are not main items.
  • Change button colors when hovering.
  • It is the color inside the shortcode and the sides. In some places, it is the normal color of the buttons.
  • Similar to the background color but for the filtering section – background hover buttons for the slider and similar things.

Note: If you want to use the default color, you must clear the color for this item.

Fluent View Layouts Addon

You can change the Thumbnail size and wrapper background color in the shortcode settings.

Fluent View Layouts Addon

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