Elementor Single Builder Addon

Empower your event creation with the Elementor Single Builder Addon, a key component in shaping your unique events directly within the Elementor Editor. Unleash your creativity by seamlessly utilizing an array of diverse fields and effortlessly customize their arrangement with the intuitive Elementor drag-and-drop features. Elevate your event design experience and make every detail reflect your distinctive brand aesthetic.

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Elementor Single Builder Addon Preparation


In the first step, Ensure that both MEC (Modern Events Calendar) and the Elementor Single Builder Addon are installed and activated.

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Adjusting Single Builder Post Type

To configure Elementor with the MEC Single Builder post type, please head over to Elementor > Settings > General and enable the Events Single Builder post type.

Elementor Single Builder

Now, you can set different templates for the Single Event Page and then set them for all the Single Event Pages or only for a certain one.

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Elementor Single Builder Settings

Once you have set the initial settings from the Elementor menu, please navigate to the M.E. Calendar menu > Single Builder.

Elementor Single Builder Addon

On this page, you have the option to design your own Elementor template that will be showcased on your individual event page.

Elementor Single Builder Addon

There is a category called MEC Single Builder in the Elementor sidebar, where you can add MEC widgets to the section using the Elementor drag-and-drop feature.

Elementor Single Builder

Now, using the new features in the Elementor, you can easily customize the colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

Elementor Single Builder

Note: When adding some of these widgets, you might face a message and cannot see the widget’s preview. To resolve the issue, you must ensure that the displaying event already contains that widget and that you have activated that module from MEC Settings > Single Event > Sidebar.

Assigning Single Builder template Globally

Once you have done designing the single builder template, navigate to MEC Settings > Single Event > Basic tab.

elementor single builder 03 - Elementor Single Builder Addon

1- Single Event Style

This feature provides you with the ability to select from three distinct template options: Default View, Modern View, and Elementor Single Builder. These templates can be applied globally to the single event page and can be set from this location.

2- Default Builder for Single Event

You can create unlimited Elementor templates for your events with the Elementor Single Builder Addon. Here, you can choose the default template of the single event page from the templates that you have created before.

3- Default Builder for Modal View

Here, you can choose the default template of the single event modal from the templates that you have created before.

4- Custom Event For Set Settings

From the dropdown here, you can choose which event to show on the Elementor Single Builder Page as an example.

Assigning Single Builder template Individually

You can create several templates and set them for different Single Events, like one for the main page and the other for the Modal Popup Single Event.

Elementor Single Builder Addon

After you made all these changes, clear the site cache and enjoy the new design.

Pre-made design for Elementor Single Builder

We have designed the default view of the single event style with Elementor to facilitate your project.

On the Elementor edit page, click on the Add Template icon. Then, hit the Import Template icon and upload the JSON file from the button below to have the pre-made template.

elementor single builder 05 - Elementor Single Builder Addon

How to Create a Full-Width page in Elementor Single Builder Addon?

If you need to design a full-width single event page :

First, set the MEC Settings > Appearance > Container Width option to 100%.

Elementor Single Builder Addon

Then set the section Layout > Content Width on Elementor to “Full Width.”

Single Builder


1- To start, I installed the Elementor Single Builder Addon, but the Elementor’s editor page displays an error. What should I do?

You can easily go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalink and set the permalinks of your website on the Post name. After that, the editor page will be active.

2- I get an error code 500 when editing the Elementor Single Builder Addon page.

You need to have the latest version of the add-on and check the configurations of your server. Please follow this guide. If this isn’t helpful, let us know so we can do more inspections.

3- Does the Elementor Single Builder Addon work with MEC Lite?

Yes, you can use it with MEC Lite as well.

4- I added widgets to the page, but they don’t have any content. Why?

The add-on gets the latest information from your event and edits them. Therefore, you must make sure that the last event in MEC > All Events has all the contents that the widget needs for editing.

5- I created a page with Elementor, but it is still showing the default MEC skin. Why is that?

You need to make sure that Elementor Single Builder is set in MEC Settings > Single Event > Basic > Single Event Style.

6- Certain modules are active in MEC Settings, but I cannot see them in the front end. Why is that?

This happens because the widgets in the MEC Sidebar are not active. Make sure these widgets are active.

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Aidan July 26, 2022
| |

Hello, I can’t find a tool so I can include an event description. I’m using Single Builder for Elementor.prnt.sc/jffkvo7oaW18prnt.sc/IDwSwIgj60f8

713Creative November 13, 2020
| |

Has any one used this and got it to be responsive? I created the single event and it looks fine in the Elementor builder in desktop, tablet, and phone preview. But when you actually use it on your site it only dispalys as non-responsive desktop layout

aweber August 24, 2020
| |

Can I create a  different single event page layout just for the shortcode? 

toibry June 19, 2020
| |

Does this addon work with Divi builder? Will I find all these addon elements in the Divi builder panel?
Does anyone here have a screenshot of how it looks like in Divi? because I’m yet to decide which builder I will go with 🙂

giannisempre May 27, 2020
| |

can I create different single event page layouts for different categories?