• How to Add Event In MEC Plugin?

    Alright it’s time to create an event. To add an event, go to WordPress menu and navigate to M.E. Calendar > Add Event.

  • PHP Date Formats

    Here’s a list of the characters you can use to display the date format you want:

  • Import Facebook Events

    In order to to import events from the page you need to be the admin of the page. So, first you need to create a temporary access token and then upgrade it to a permanent one. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  • Import/Export MEC Settings

    You can transfer all of your settings from one MEC to another. To do so, go to MEC Settings >Import/Export, on the site you want to get an export from.

  • Import And Export Events

    There are 8 tabs in the Import/Export menu, which are explained in details below:

  • Date Method in MEC plugin

    Here we can see a conversation from the Modern Event Calendar's support desk which is about Date Method

  • Show Attendees List On the Sidebar

    Here we can see a conversation from the Modern Events Calendar's support desk which is about BuddyPress

  • Shortcodes Image Size in Modern Events Calendar

    First check this link: / Image crop sizes in MEC are like that, as you are using cropped images then you can use full images. Go to following directory and according to shortcode skin open "render.php" file

  • What Are The Best PHP Settings For WordPress?

    Host configurations: To access these fields please edit "php.ini" file which is located in host (if you can't find it then contact with your host service provider)

  • How To Increase Modern Events Calendar Load Speed?

    First of all MEC is compatible with PHP 7.0.x - 7.1.x - 5.6.x versions. With regard to the low speed of your website's loading: Deactivate all your plugins

  • Removing comment box on single event page

    This is a default feature of WordPress. But if you want to remove comment box on one or all of the events, do this:

  • Using Inspect Element (Dev Tools)

    You can use Inspect element and change each section for yourself. For more information, please read the following article.

  • How to Set Cron Job in MEC?

    Cron jobs is a feature of CPanel and you need to contact your host provider to set it.

  • Change License Domain

    If you want to change domains, navigate to Webnus download panel, and click on View Licenses.

  • Import Events From Third Party Plugins

    Transferring your events from other famous plugins will be possible using this section. Simply select the corresponding plugin which is activated on your WordPress along with MEC, choose Events and "Import Options" and import the events.

  • Add Events to Google Calendar

    In order to export events to the Google Calendar, you need to get API key from Google. So, first, you need to create a google calendar API and then put it to MEC settings. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

  • Booking Report

    you can see all the participants in your events and send an email to these users and/or view a list of them.

  • Custom CSS Settings

    Sometimes you may want to add your custom CSS codes to the single event pages or shortcodes. There are several reasons for this, so you can insert the CSS code in MEC.

  • Creating Google Calendar API Key

    You can find tips and Tricks for Importing from Facebook/Google in this doc.