Countdown View Skin Settings

 Countdown View Skin in the Modern Events Calendar is a great option for setting up a display that brings urgency to the visitors of an event website. Moreover, you may put any future programs on sale and have better overall engagement.

Countdown View Skin Shortcode

You can use shortcodes in your internal pages to have this on your website. The shortcodes are located in M.E. Calendar > Shortcodes.

Countdown View Skin

Countdown Layout

Here are the demos of Countdown View Skin in the Modern Events Calendar:

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Gill August 5, 2022
| |

Hi I can’t find where to find this option Countdown View Skin with the demo on this page  is it only available in pro ?

nspidle July 27, 2020
| |

Hi. Can I make the countdown view 3 show the event description, or an excerpt of the the event description?

johnkemp March 27, 2020
| |

Hi, How can I change the title “Next Upcoming event” to a different one?
Also is it possible to position the counter to middle of counter box in style box 3 as it is currently positioned in the top. 

manonetc January 30, 2020
| |

Hi, I need to override the countdown shortcode to exclude specific categories from the Upcoming Events.
Can you give me the code for this to include in the override file in my theme: WEBNUS > MODERN-EVENT-CALENDARD-LITE > APP > SKINS > COUNTDOWN

Claire January 9, 2020
| |

Hi, please help, the countdown is counting down from the event end sat not start date. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change?