Single Events Sidebar

There are certain options, such as Speaker, that need to be first enabled from MEC Settings. In MEC Single Events Sidebar, drag the items you want to MEC Single Sidebar.

Single Events Sidebar in MEC plugin WordPress

You need to enable the items you want in your sidebar in Appearance > Widgets > MEC Single Sidebar.

MEC plugin Single Sidebar - WordPress

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Jaroslav Ondra November 11, 2019
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Hello, thx for the .css. I found it on provided link, but it is not working to hide the MEC sidebar - it just narrow the content. In my specific situation - I am working with The7 theme - it has it's own system to manage the sidebars. normally it is not active for custom post types (mec_event) but I added this function also to MEC events by a snippet in function.php of my child theme. Now if I activate a sidebar and I tell to The7 theme to use mec sidebar in this sidebar i usually have 2 sidebars - MEC and mine - which is not what I want. The point is to place mec widgets in a regular sidebar. I made a copy of our website so you can investigate this problem if you find time for it - I can make you and admin account and send ftp credentials .. (there are also secondary layout problems with The7 theme) I have one more question - is there an easy way how to handle the order of MEC widgets in a sidear? Thx for your support Jaroslav Ondra

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Enrico October 22, 2019
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Is it possible to see the single event page in fullwidth mode? (without sidebar)Thank you!