Ticket and Invoice Addon

You can easily sell your events on your website using the Ticket & Invoice add-on. this add-on allows you to manage your attendees’ check-in, send out tickets and invoices in email format.

Using this add-on, you can design your own invoice & tickets. The QR codes on the tickets enable you to check-in attendees using the QR code scanner device. Using this tool, you manage your payments on your own website. No need to refer your customers to any other third party websites.

For installation, head over to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and upload, install, and activate the add-on

WordPress Event Calendar
WordPress Event Calendar

Now your addon is activated but before we move on, use the link below to make sure that your booking system is active:

Once you have made sure that it is activated, head over to your WordPress Dashboard > M.E. Calendar > Settings > Invoice Options

You can see certain numbers in the image above which we will explain down below:

  1. Enter the name of your company
  2. Enter the company’s email address
  3. Enter the company’s phone number
  4. Enter VAT number here (optional)
  5. Enter a short description of your company
  6. Enter your physical location
  7. Upload your logo or link an image (you can select media)
  8. PDF Rendering API Key: https://html2pdf.app/registration (just register a key and get an API simply)
  9. Select invoice skin type (Ticket Skin & Modern Skin)
  10. Check this if you want emails to be sent out from this addon rather than MEC
  11. You can assign which WordPress role can perform the check-ins
    This allows you to import/migrate any existing bookings to this addon so you can manage them right here; simply click on the button and the whole process will be taken care of automatically within a few seconds
  12. Import the old invoice to new structure

We will continue the tutorial on how to work with this addon below and will probably have to refer to the features listed above with their corresponding number.
Make sure to follow the instructions below and save your changes made in the settings.

Once your invoice template is created and done, all you need to do is create an invoice. To do so go to your WordPress Dashboard > MEC Invoice > Invoices

Here you can see all the bookings; this is similar to the Booking menu on MEC.

Explaining the numbers in the image above:

  • In order to manually add an invoice click on Add New
  • Use this option to export all your invoices in a zip file
  • You can also use bulk action and use filters during selection
  • To check the invoice click on View Invoice
  • To manage the invoice click on the link

If you click on Manage, you’ll see the image below:

Explaining the numbers in the image above:

  • The invoice’s information
  • The attendees which depending on the role you’re assigned, you can go into MEC and perform the check-in process


Checking-in can also be done via QR code scanning once the attendee shows you their QR code.
This can also be done using a QR Reader or third-party apps for Android and iOS.

Place the QR code in front of the camera, it will either check-in the user or give you a warning if there is an issue. Therefore, any chance of duplicates or fraud is eliminated since no one can simply create their own QR code and try to get in.
Once the attendee has checked-in, it’ll show the invoice as green and there will also be this icon:

WordPress Event Calendar

In order to manually add a new invoice, click on Add New and then select your event. Afterwards, you’ll see the tickets for that event and you can use the form which has appeared to add a new invoice.

By clicking on Add Attendee, you’ll add a new user to your website but your invoice isn’t complete yet. You’ll need to publish the invoice in order to complete the process.

WordPress Event Calendar

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