Using Inspect Element (Dev Tools)

In order to customize each section of the Modern Events Calendar manually, you can use the dev tools inside your browsers and then put the custom codes into the Custom CSS box in the settings of MEC or your theme.

Write Custom CSS Code

You can use Inspect Element (built-in developer tools of your browser) and change each section for yourself:

If you want to make changes to your design, you can use Inspect Element (dev tools) to see the source code of your website and the CSS rules applied to it.

To access it, right-click, and from the pop-up menu, select Inspect Element (or Inspect or Dev Tools).

For more details, you can visit Chrome inspect element or Firefox inspect element. Meanwhile, searching on Google will be helpful too.

For example, we try to change the bottom gray border color in a footer.

Here are some CSS tutorials that will help you write your own customized CSS codes: w3schools | CSS Units

Media Queries for All Devices

You can use “media query” to make your design more responsive on mobile and tablet devices. Click here or here for more information on CSS media queries.

You can apply your CSS on a custom screen size using the following example:

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {

or use between two screen sizes:

@media (max-width: 960px) and (min-width: 481px){

Note: If you want to make sure that all your customizations are only being used in the Single Event Page, you need to use body classes like the following ones (check the below screenshot):



Using Inspect Element (Dev Tools)

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Anna June 15, 2020
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Hello! I want to disable header and footer on pages of single events, or maybe change the default template of these pages. My theme doesn’t provide this opportunity. How can I do it? Thanks!