Full Calendar Skin Settings

 Full Calendar Skin in Modern Events Calendar provides the user with a comprehensive outlook of all the events on your website. This calendar view has yearly, monthly, and weekly sections for your events, and it is styled in an elegant and minimalistic form.  

Full Calendar Skin Shortcode

You can use shortcodes in your internal pages to have this on your website. The shortcodes are located in M.E. Calendar > Shortcodes.

Full Calendar Skin Settings

Full Calendar Layout

Here is the demo of Full Calendar Skin in the Modern Events Calendar:

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kboyette October 26, 2020
| |

Can you change list view style under the full calendar option to be Toggle Style?

Elmar October 5, 2020
| |

Is it possible to change date formatting in this view? If I select ‘list view’ I can change date formatting according to: https://webnus.net/dox/modern-events-calendar/all-date-formats/
However, there seem to be no options available for the full calendar view.

rdf July 10, 2020
| |

Hi. I have allocated events to different categories. On this full calendar mode is there a way for the different catergories to be colour coded? So on one day you can see there is a variety of events from different categories. It’s hard to distinguish the different categories when they are all the same colour. Thanks

Lindsey January 21, 2020
| |

Is it possible to include additional views to the full calendar, such as Grid or Tile view?

KAY September 9, 2019
| |

I don’t see ANY M.E.Calendar > Settings > Shortcodes