Masonry View Skin Settings

 Masonry View Skin, in simple terms, is a smart grid view. This display takes advantage of the space inside the page since it requires no specific height or width. Additionally, you can set an extract of the required information about each event aligned with the location and date below the picture of the event

Note: This skin is only available in the MEC Pro version.

Masonry View Skin Shortcode

You can use shortcodes in your internal pages to have this on your website. The shortcodes are located in M.E. Calendar > Shortcodes.

If you want to convert Masonry to Grid, you can use the “Fit to row” and “Convert Masonry to Grid” options.

Masonry View Skin

Masonry View Skin Layout

Here is the demo of Masonry View Skin in the Modern Events Calendar:

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Lisa May 27, 2020
| |

I am using the Themeco Pro Theme for my website and added the Masonry View (by using the shortcode in a text field). For 2 events everything works fine, but now I added a third event and the first 2 are in one row, the third in the next row (even though there is some space in the first row). Is there any way how to fix this?

Sined November 11, 2019
| |

Is it possible to change stiles of themes for fonts (not Google but like in my own design), colours and fills of buttons and etc? For example when I’ m using elementor builder for my site.