Including MEC in Your Theme

Including MEC in your theme means for seamless integration of both, you need to adjust dummy shortcodes. If you’re going to include the Modern Events Calendar in your theme, then please use the following as a guide.

To include the Modern Events Calendar plugin in your theme, you can simply use the TGMPA plugin. It works completely fine with this plugin.

For a better User Experience, MEC imports events and shortcodes upon activation. If you want to disable this feature for any reason, you can use the two following filters:

Disabling Dummy Events

add_filter('mec_activation_import_events', '__return_false');

Disabling Dummy Shortcodes

Note: Not Recommended if you’re not going to add your own shortcodes!

add_filter('mec_activation_import_shortcodes', '__return_false');

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martian February 8, 2020
| |

Hi, How can I remove the view details button from the slider view layout? Also, how to open the events page in a new tab when you click on the View Details button 

Diane Tucci January 15, 2020
| |

When my events are viewed for more details when clicked on, there is a big black box that you have to scroll down to see the event info. Is there a way to chaneg the height of the box?

Lynn December 26, 2019
| |

I would like to know if the events page for the free version is supposed to be responsive on mobile devices (phones).  This is what it looks like:


Lynn December 24, 2019
| |

Is the events page responsive in mobile devises in the free version of MEC?