Making Advance Shortcodes

Making Advance Shortcodes in Modern Event Calendar gives you an unlimited capacity to style your layout based on your preferences and have the best user experience possible. With the variation noted below you can use easily adjustable alternatives even if you are not a web developer.

After adding your event, Modern Event Calendar enables you to make a calendar from all of the events with adorable skins, nice and tidy styles. Also, it has a powerful filtering tool to create a new calendar. Click on Custom Shortcode > Add Shortcode. This is the overview of adding a calendar with custom shortcodes.

WordPress Event Calendar

1- Skins:

2- In Modern Event Calendar you can assign styles to skins. This means that every skin can appear with a certain familiar style:

  • Minimal
  • Modern
  • Standard

3- Calendar date start options:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Start of current month
  • Start of next month
  • On certain date

4- You can set an order for displaying dates in a shortcode. For more information please refer to All Date Format.

5- Limit for posts displayed: if the limit value equals 5, a calendar will include 5 events according to the categories you have set up and the filters you have chosen.

6- Include Events Time: show time of the events on shortcode

7- Load More Button: If you want to show more than the limits you have set, enable this option. It will load more events.

8- Separates (divides) the events based on month.

9- Add map in the top of the shortcode

10- Showing single events in another link by selecting a Separate Window, or on the same link as a pop-up by selecting Modal 1.

11-After setting up your calendar, Modern Event Calendar will generate the shortcode for using calendar anywhere you like! (Visual Composer Integrated)

12-You can add a Search option to your shortcode here.

13- Modern Event Calendar can filter events on the calendar by checking the box that refer to details of an event.

  • TAGS
  • Date Options


a. Include Expired Events
You have ability to include past/expired events if you like so it will show upcoming and expired events based on start date that you selected.

b. Show Only Expired Events
It shows only expired/past events. It will use selected start date as first day and then go to older dates.

c. Show Only Ongoing Events
It shows only ongoing events on List and Grid skins.

More information about date settings

33 Comment
Avatar for Doris Cooper
monicharm March 21, 2020
| |

I am using a shortcode to list events within the same category (using pods). Is there any way I can exclude the current event? Thank you!

Avatar for Doris Cooper
monicharm March 15, 2020
| |

Is there any way I can change the date format from mrt 15 2020 to 15 march 2020?  Thank you!  

Avatar for Doris Cooper
jennyleighb March 14, 2020
| |

Hello, is there any way to change the order of past events so that it starts with the most recent past event?    My client does not like that their past events list starts with the oldest event first.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Serg March 6, 2020
| |

Hi, can I transfer the shortcode template to my theme and edit the frontend in my theme folder?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
denisedesign February 24, 2020
| |

Hello! I'm using "show only expired events" for an archive grid on this page. I'd like to be able to style the single event pages that can be seen when clicking on those events. I'm looking for a way to remove sharing, etc (but only for expired events). If I could target those pages with CSS that would work out, just fine! Is there a way to add a class to the body tag? Or maybe a way to output a different kind of single event page so that I can target it with CSS? The only way that I can think of is to have the event display as a modal, but I'd very much like for the events to be in their own window. Thank you!

Avatar for Doris Cooper
buro-suro February 10, 2020
| |

Hi,  is there a way to show the event time in the grid view ?  thanks, Stephanie

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Melina December 27, 2019
| |

Is it possible to make a shortcode for just one event so it can be embedded into a page?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Mo December 12, 2019
| |

Hello, I have a problem with adding a new shortcode. When I click on "Add shortcode", on the page that appears, all the selectors are grayed out: I can not choose a skin, a style or the start date. My version of MEC Pro is up to date (4.9.0). I need your help please. Thanks

Avatar for Doris Cooper
dice.penduka December 2, 2019
| |

hi how can i make a booking form on the plugin because the user interface on the video does not correspond with the one on my side    Thanks

Avatar for Doris Cooper
sh November 12, 2019
| |

How can i show the event cost on Event slider ?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
plasticadv October 8, 2019
| |

Hey! We used the Shortcode feature to build a specific container in list view filtering events to be shown through a "dummy" category. We assigned this cat to all the events that we wanted to be shown considering that every event belongs to two or more cats including the dummy one. The next thing we would like to do is to activate an event filter bar by categories (something like the Wordpress' Visual Composer in Ajax jQuery). We tried to use the builtin dropdown filter element just to see if it works but it shows only the dummy category not all of them. Is there a way to activate an AJAX content filter for MEC custom posts maybe also in the PRO version? Thank you

Avatar for Doris Cooper
monta September 7, 2019
| |

Is there a way to make the carousel view advance on click instead of auto-advance?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
vadim August 25, 2019
| |

How can I use some event settings in the description of the event itself. For example, in the description of the event, I need to once again remind the date the event began. What shortcode should be inserted in the event description? Is there something like [date-event]

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Dan Enriquez August 14, 2019
| |

Hello. How can I change the label "Organizer" to "Artist"?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
djnauryl July 11, 2019
| |

Hi, I have a problem with shortcodes. I would like to create a shortcode for particular locations for listing the events for every locations I have on my site. But at the shortcode creator of the plugin only shows me 12 locations of the 47 I created. So I'm not able to choose the preferred location for the shortcode to make a list for that particular location. How can I create a shortcode for the other Locations?