Overriding Modern event calendar Shortcodes Skin

Full customization and theme compatibility with Overriding Modern event calendar Shortcodes Skin

MEC supports many skins for showing events and all of them are override ready! For example if you want to customize the grid skin for MEC, then you can simply put the /path/to/modern-events-calendar/app/skins/grid/render.php into /path/to/theme/webnus/modern-events-calendar/app/skins/grid/render.php

Please Note: /phath/to/theme/ is meaning: ~root / wp-content / themes / YOUR THEME NAME / /… and then create a new folder called webnus e.g for Deep Theme: http(s)://example.com/wp-content/themes/deep/webnus/modern-events-calendar/app/grid/render.php

Please Note: if you use the Modern Events Calendar you need to add ” -lite ” after plugin name, so the path is :

You can use overriding modern event calendar shortcodes skin, and do it for all template files of all skins including single skin that is for showing single event page, monthly_view, full_calendar, cover, etc.

BTW, we recommend you avoid overriding the files as much as you can and try to make them compatible with your theme using CSS/JS because if you override the files on your theme, then your clients may not be able to use new features of it after the MEC automatic update.

in overriding modern event calendar shortcodes skin featre We’ve created two functions for you to put these code on this page or anywhere on your site

$upcoming_events = MEC_main::get_upcoming_events(20); // 20 is number of events
$events = MEC_main::get_shortcode_events(6380); // 6380 is the shortcode ID

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Avatar for Doris Cooper
flowerchild November 28, 2019
| |

I wanted to override the list skin to make a small change to the events page listings. I followed the instructions by placing a copy of the render.php file in my child theme/path/to/vogue-child/webnus/modern-events-calendar/app/skins/list. Unfortunately, I could not get changes to the render.php in my child theme. Even when I created a line with bad php syntax, I got no errors. It seemed that the file wasn't being used. It was after several hours of trying to work out why it wasn't working, that I realised that because I was using Modern Events Calendar Lite, the file path should be path/to/vogue-child/webnus/modern-events-calendar-lite/app/skins/list. It would be very helpful if there was a note on the page to give the alternate path when using the lite version.

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Anita November 6, 2019
| |

I’m trying to override a MEC Skin Template, and I can’t make it work. I put a customized copy of /wp-content/plugins/modern-events-calendar/app/skins/carousel/render.php on /wp-content/themes/zakra-child/webnus/modern-events-calendar/app/skins/carousel/render.php. When I use the carousel shortcode it renders the plugin version of render.php file instead of the customized theme version.

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ckermo September 29, 2019
| |

I'd like "min" to not display after the event's time. How can I do that ?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Victoria August 6, 2019
| |

How do I increase the thickness of the general grey texts. It's too thin. And the color as well If it's what was stated as 'content color', then I've already tried changing that to black as well but it won'. Is there some special CSS code for that you can help me with please? Thanks!