Multisite Event Sync Addon

Sync events between your subsites and main websites. Changes in the main one will be inherited by the subsites. you can set these up in the admin panel.

Note: The addon works with All versions.

How to work with MEC multisite Event Sync Addon?

You can now sync events in your subsites with the main website and any changes to the main website is inherited by the subsites. You can select the subsites to be synced in admin panel.

To install the plugin please go to WordPress Plugins > Add New and click on Upload Plugin. Upload the Zip file according to the images below:

Please Note: Before starting to use this addon you should have a network WordPress Multisite, please follow this external link:

Modern Event Calendar Multisite Event Sync Addon

After activating the addon, you will see a submenu for MEC on the main site. Navigate to that menu and you will see this:In step 1, you can set whether you want to sync the events or the settings, or both.In step 2, you can decide which subsites will be synced.In the MEC dashboard in this part, there is a Select/Deselect all sites option as well.

When you hit Save Changes in Modern Events Calendar Multisite Event Sync Addon, a new section will open and there you can configure the event.

Select which events you want to sync with your selected websites and click Sync Now.

Every event on the site you have selected will be synced and then you will see the Sync Successful message.

Go to the subsite dashboard and you will see the events of the main site and the subsites are synced.

In the subsite, the event can only be viewed. But these events will be displayed in shortcodes.

After syncing, you can set the permalinks of WordPress on Post Name from WordPress Settings > Permalinks.

Modern Event Calendar Multisite Event Sync AddonModern Event Calendar Multisite Event Sync Addon

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bheyse December 7, 2020
| |

hi, we also have this problem with booking tickets at a multisite. To this day it is not fixed. The MEC Pro does not work properly with Polylang or WPML either. And that after 1 year. Conclusion: MEC Pro cannot provide a multilingual event calendar with a booking function or handle multisites properly.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
jesko July 28, 2020
| |

Hey, the Addon doesn’t seem to be working on my site, it doesnt show up in the menu after activating. The so called “premium support” ignores the question.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
aledrohuerta January 15, 2020
| |

Hi, I didn’t get response on the premium support. We get the pro version of MEC and the multisite addon. We have some problems.We have a cultural place, it contains some projects. So we choose MEC to manage the bookings in a multisite. The main site contain all the events and we want to show some of them in the subsites with categories or tag filtersWhen we created a new event on the MAIN SITE from the scratch it works perfectly and sync with the SUBSITES, but we have unexpected behaviors.1.- We tried to import our Events from Google Calendar in the MAIN SITE, but all these events didn’t sync on the subsites.2.- So well, we went to the multisite option in our MAIN SITE and tried to sync the SUBSITES, but we just get 5 events, even when there are so many more.3.- So, We sync those 5 events and those appeared in our SwingMexico SUBSITE, but when we edit their category in the MAIN SITE it doesn’t update the subsite and4.- Those 5 events in the subsite doesn’t show on the frontend when we use a shortcode, we just get the “No events” message5.- When a user register  for an event in the SUBSITE, it didn’t book on the MAINSITE backendIn summary:
1.- Events don’t sync TO SUBSITES when we import them at the MAIN SITE2.- Just get 5 events to Sync, but there are many more3.- Categories (and maybe tags?) don’t update when the event change4.- The shortcodes on the SUBSITE don’t show any event.5.- We don’t get all the bookings made in the SUBSITE on the MAIN SITEAre these the normal behavior for multisite addon? There is not much information in the documentation. Or is there a bug? Is there a solution?We want to manage all from 1 single place
Thank you for your time 🙂