Import Facebook Events

In order to to import events from the page you need to be the admin of the page. So, first you need to create a temporary access token and then upgrade it to a permanent one. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

1. First of all, you need to sign-up on Facebook developers channel.



2. Then, you need to create a Facebook app if you don’t have one.




3. Now, in order to create a temporary access token you need to go to Facebook Graph API Explorer.

3.1. Click on the drop-down menu to choose an app.



3.2. Then, from the new drop-down menu choose Get user access token.



3.3. When you click on “Get user access token” from the drop-down menu, a new pop-up, just like the one in the image below, will appear in which you can select the permissions for the user access token.



3.4. Then, as a prerequisite to generating a permanent access token, you need to check the boxes for both “publish_pages” and “manage_pages”.

Now, simply click on “Get Access Token” to create a temporary user access token.



4. Then, you need to upgrade your token to a two-months user access token.

4.1. To do this, first go to the Access Token Tool where you will see both User Token and App Token for all the apps under your account.



4.2. Now, to create a two-months access token, please click on the “debug” option at the right side of the box where user/app tokens are placed. Then you will be redirected to the Access Token Debugger where the information for your temporary user access token is stated.


Note: Temporary user access token is a one-hour valid access token for which you need to extend the expiry date. To do this be continue ….

5. The last step is to generate the permanent user access token.

5.1. Now, head over to Graph API Explorer, after generating the permanent user access token, and place it in the “Access Token Field”.





5.2. Now, in order to access “/me/accounts” you need to modify the API endpoint and click on the “Submit” button. The result is then shown with all the information from the pages including the page access token which is the permanent user access token.



6. Then you will be redirected to the verification stage, where you will make sure that the generated page access token is a permanent one , so go to: again and click to “Debug” button to access a extended access token:



7- go to WordPress Dashboard > M. E. Calendar > Import/Export > Facebook Cal. Import / and fill the information – finally, click to Start:


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Avatar for Doris Cooper
Owen December 5, 2019
| |

Hi, is it possible to import events from Facebook groups (my group)?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Peter December 3, 2019
| |

If i add an event from another facebook page to mine (using the «add to page» option which is next to «share» button), is it possible that i import it to my site?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
Jason November 16, 2019
| |

Documentation needs to be updated, seems off and inconclusive, especially the part about generating a "permanent access token".

Avatar for Doris Cooper
fb October 17, 2019
| |

just your own facebook or other fb pages as well?    If I use other fb pages, it doesnt work??