Categories are meant for general grouping of your events just like posts. It is used to sort and group content into different sections. Think of them as general topics or the table of contents for your site. Categories are there to help identify what your event is really about; it is to assist readers finding the right type of content in your events. Categories can be hierarchical.

Categories - WordPress Event Calendar
  1. Enter your name,
  2. Enter your slug.

Output of category should look like this:

Category - WordPress Event Calendar

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Avatar for Doris Cooper
John October 29, 2019
| |

Hello is there a way of customizing the column so that the month view only show 4 sundays in the month and each week has 3 events?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
A October 9, 2019
| |

Hi! Where can I disable "categories" feature from showing sidebar? I Would like to keep my calendar view as minimalistic as possible. As I don't use categories, it looks silly. Other than that I really really like this calendar. Also, if disabling calendar categories view from sidebar is not possible, could you tell me if that's something that will be fixed in future? That would help me to decide if I'll use this calendar outside my practice projects. Thank you so much for your assistance! Keep up the good work.

Avatar for Doris Cooper
michael September 14, 2019
| |

Hi. i have some categories and this are showed well on the single event page. but the link on the categorie is going to a page where are no entries... how can i fix the category link page?