Troubleshooting No Register Button Issue

Troubleshooting No Register Button Issue in the MEC plugin can be done by going to the WordPress dashboard and changing the button setting. This plugin has extensive capacity for customization in the booking. You may do this in the edit event section. 

If you are experiencing the lack of a register button on your event page, please follow the checklist below.

1- Please ensure that your event has a future date, as events cannot be expired.

2- Go to the booking section and check the tickets. You should have a ticket to show the register button.

3- Make sure that you have added MEC Single Sidebar Item on the Appearance > Widgets page.

4- Please head over to MEC Settings > Single Event > Sidebar and ensure you have the Register Button checked.

5- Finally, check the Payment Gateway and make sure you have set a payment gateway in MEC Settings > Booking > Payment Gateway.


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