Import And Export Events

Import and export events feature in modern event calendar plugin enable you to integrate your event website with previously recorded data on various calendars like iCal and Google.  

There are 8 tabs in the Import/Export menu, which are explained in details below:

  • Google Cal. Import
    In order to be able to import from Google Calendar, you must have a calendar which is public, first. Therefore, please set the Google API Key  (you should enable the Google Calendar API for your Google API)and Calendar ID. If you need a specific time, then you need to set it as well. Also, note that for importing from Google Calendar to MEC, the timezone of your WordPress needs to be as same as your Google Calendar timezon .
  • Google Cal. Export
    It has the same circumstances for importing, however, you should set the required information.
  • Facebook Cal. Import
    Set your Facebook Page Access Token and Facebook Page Link, and click on the Import button.
  • Meetup Import
    Get and set the Group Slug and API Keys for Meetup.
  • Synchronization
    This tab is for syncing MEC with other platforms. For auto-sync of CronJobs, you need to contact your host provider.
    Next Part (-Auto set cronjobs (Once Daily):
    If you want to set automatically syncing MEC with your desired synchronizations, just you need to click on this part
  • Export
    You can export in all iCal/CSV/MS Excel/XML/JSON file formats. You only need to click the format you need.
  • Import
    The exported XML or ics file only works in this importer.
  • Import from 4 third-party plugins
    Transferring your events from other famous plugins will be possible using this section. This tab provides you with all the necessary tools to migrate from Event On / The Events Calendar / Events Schedule WP Plugin / Calendarize It to MEC – Select the corresponding plugin which is activated on your WordPress along with MEC, and click the Start button. This way, all the event will be transferred to MEC with a single strike of a button. – The time it takes to import depends on the number of your events and also your WordPress configurations on the server.
  • Important hints to set up the CronJobs
    I will check to find out what you are missing regarding Google Calendar. Please watch the video below: or This Video.1- The Google Calendar should be public to import
    2- The timezone on WordPress and Google Calendar need to match
    3- APIKey should be enabled for Google, check the client ID too
    4- It has been explained how to do it in the video aboveCron Jobs, check these items :1- Import manually for the first time so the API would be set in MEC.
    2- Go to MEC Settings > Import/Export > Synchronization Tab,  and copy the URL it provides.
    3- Go to your site CPanel and use this URL in Cron Jobs

    Please Note:
    Cron jobs is a feature of CPanel and you need to contact your host provider to set it.

Cron Jobs Doesn’t Work!

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