How to fix Google Calendar Import Error: 404, 403?

Google Calendar Import Error: 404, 403 can be resolved quite easily, for that follow these steps. You can check to see what are you missing, watch the video in this link : or This Video .

  1.  The Google Calendar should be public to import
  2. The timezone on WordPress and Google Calendar need match together
  3. APIKey should be enabled for Google, check the client ID too


Cron Jobs, check these items :

  1. Import manually for the first time so the API would be set in MEC.
  2. Go to MEC Settings > Import/Export > Synchronization Tab,  and copy the URL it provides.
  3.  Go to your site CPanel and use this URL in cron kobs

Please Note: Cron jobs is a feature of CPanel and you need to contact your host provider to set it.

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